I can’t believe I never noticed this before…


The Seattle PI’s Retail page doesn’t list Norm Feuti’s name anywhere (and this seems to be, um, the norm). How do you not, as a matter of policy, list the writer’s on the page?

Yes, there’s a tiny handwritten “(c) 2019 Norman Feuti” between the panels — but not only doesn’t that really count, but “Norman” isn’t the name he writes under.

Why the customer should have known Marla was faking it:


After “the following options,” she forgot to say “Please listen carefully, because the options have changed.”

I remember when the magazine I work for got a voicemail system, and when you called it the message included “Please listen carefully, because the options have changed. To reach the publisher, press 1; To reach the Managing Editor, press 2…”

I called the publisher — on a direct line — and said “Ray, we just got the system installed this morning. How can the options have changed already?” He told me that line is just part of the standard package.

(You know, going back to the Sally Forth from a few minute ago… when the magazine was circling the drain, maybe I should have tried for the same deal Sally suggested)