Walkathon: Bad News and Good News

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The bad news: In 2019 it’s going to harder than ever to keep our streak alive of raising more money each year than the year before.

Because of the good news: we’ve already passed last year’s $1312 with a week and a half yet to go!

You guys are the best.

We’re at $1360 (the MoD page for CIDU says $1329, but that’s because $31 was accidentally credited to the Bickel Boys team; I could probably get them to fix that, but I can’t imagine why it would matter).



Because traffic cops can only ticket one person at a time and speeders are bigger fish (and Lucretia takes perverse pleasure in seeing her husband getting a ticket)??

April19-b and C

Do people really get tickets for inadvertently encouraging somebody to do something that’s technically against traffic rules? Including something as benign as crossing a solid line? And a traffic cop no less, to whom it’s not a traffic infraction anyway?