Chanukah Cards: Addendum

Edited again to add: these are physical cards, designed as such, so I’ll need your mailing address; BUT… if anybody specifically needs a digital version — you have no room for cards, or maybe you’re afraid of your mail carrier — I can get the files. Please use the same e-mail address for these requests.

You’ve seen their work in The Atlantic and Barrons, and on and other web sites. And now they’re creating… the 2018 Bickel Family Chanukah card.

As always, any member of the CIDU Community is welcome to a card. It doesn’t matter which if any holiday you celebrate next month. Or if you’re a frequent contributor, a lurker, an artist, or even a @#$% Squirrel.

Just send your mailing address to BICKELCHANUKAH@GMX.COM (and only there). All addresses will be deleted as soon as cards are mailed out.

(Please note that the other 47 spellings of “Chanukah” will not work)