Some Ewwws: Compacto-cow pies

A pair of Ewws from Olivier:

Every year when I (Winter Wallaby) go to the Washington state fair, I see a booth selling something like “Cow Chip cookies,” or “Cow Patty cookies,” with a graphic to match. While I assume the cookies themselves taste fine, I always wonder about the marketing decision to have a name and graphic that makes me go “ewww” when I’m considering what food to buy.

On the other hand, every year I see poop emoji hats for sale at the state fair, and I assume they wouldn’t keep putting them out if people didn’t buy them, so what do I know?

Extra, extra! Read all about the Bolt from Lowe’s!

A remarkable Synchronicity, with both bearing today as publication date, found by Andréa, who asks if it could be that Scott Hilburn and Mark Parisi are the same person. Also noted by zbicyclist, Targuman, Boise Ed, and maybe others!

The overlap of details is unusual, but then again notice things like whether the nationalities are given as proper-adjectives or nouns.