Tomatoes and Peaches

tomatoes and peaches

  1. Has anybody ever actually done this?
  2. How much of a slob is this kid?
  3. Peaches and fresh tomatoes are not hard to clean. Chocolate ice cream, now, that can be a problem.
  4. If this Child Who Isn’t Caulfield is a boy, and he’s unable to eat like a human being, he can just take off his shirt. That what my kids did in the summer before they learned to eat properly (though I don’t remember peaches or fresh tomatoes ever being an issue).



Did anybody actually ever believe people with large eyes need more sleep than people with small eyes?

This strip is from 1972 and I have to admit there were a lot of Peanuts strips from that era that gave me the impression Charlie Brown’s ophthalmologist was a bit off.

And speaking of being a bit off, is Lucy’s final comment a complete non sequitur?