Whither the Random Comments Page

Everybody seems to have gone back to using the version linked to from the left sidebar — which makes sense, because it’s the only one anybody can find. And nobody (including me) likes the idea of linking to it from a post permanently on the front page.

So let’s just go back to using the old one.

There are drawbacks, among them comments not showing up on the Recent Comments list and the fact that there are already 46,000 comments there, but I’m just not going to have the time in the foreseeable future to find a workaround to WordPress’s refusal to let me change the links.

If indeed there is one.


First of all, I want to stress this is a systemic issue, nothing to do with anybody in particular…

I’ve been getting a lot of Synchronicity submissions lately. A lot. And since they’re by far the most time-consuming submissions, I just can’t keep up and most of them sit unread for far too long, which isn’t fair to everybody sending them in.

So… I’m not going to ask people not to send them anymore, merely to confine them to the truly extraordinary: same-day similarities that defy logic.

It remains open season for everything else, and I thank you for all your support.

I bet Jimmy would NOT want me using this as the site’s logo…


Moving this back to the top because I just found a response from Jimmy Johnson his own self languishing in the Spam folder for a full week.

Comments going to Moderation for no good reason is common enough that I check the folder several times a day. I put on my Hazmat suit and venture into the Spam folder, well, once a week at most.