Welcome, New Visitors!

Over the past couple of weeks, this site has gotten a surge of new visitors. Reading the FAQ is not mandatory, but is recommended.

CIDU has been around since 1996, but unfortunately GoDaddy managed to destroy it earlier this year so you’ll only find archives going back to January.

Despite the fact that “godaddyandthesquirrelmustbothdie.wordpress.com” is probably appearing in your browser’s address bar, you can always access the site using the slightly-less-cumbersome “comicsidontunderstand.com.”

Just a reminder…

If you send me something for the LOL page, or any of the others, please mention the screen name you use here (or if you don’t want your name posted at all, let me know that as well).

You would think after all these years I’d be able to remember what screen name goes with what real-world name, especially when some of you have sent me countless comics, but you’d be wrong. I am just really, really bad with names. Always have been.

Yet if you ask me the secret identities of obscure 1940s super heroes, I will astound you. Go figure.