A Reminder and a Semi-Secret

First, please send everything — both comics, and comments intended only for me — to this address:


If you use any other address, I might or might not ever see it.

Also: The complete left sidebar still does exist in this new template: Look to the left, where the sidebar just says COMICS I DON’T UNDERSTAND followed by “Home” and “Your Random Comments.” Above COMICS I DON’T UNDERSTAND, to the right of the three horizontal lines, is an icon that looks like a folder. Click that, and the full left sidebar will appear.

I know. This is counter-intuitive at best and borderline insane at worst. Presumably, somebody thought this was a good idea.

Many of you have already figured this out, but understandably many have not.

Progress Report: Blogroll Done

February 12:

Okay, now the Blogroll should work. Apparently the problem was, WordPress doesn’t like people using HTML, or doesn’t trust people to use HTML, and it kept adding extraneous code every time I saved it.

Regarding the fonts: apparently there’s nothing to be done about the grey default text; but I was able to replace the annoying-to-read Grasshopper Green text with red, which shows up nice and sharp and easy on the eyes.

They allow over a hundred different font types, most of them with a dozen size options and many style options (regular, bold, italic), but very few color options unless you want to create your own palette.

I should add that a lot of people are contacting me offering help and advice, and it’s all appreciated; but I can’t get back to everybody on a timely basis, and for that I apologize.

Still on the to-do list: Continue reading →