Just FYI

I am way behind on e-mail, and am likely to remain so for the remainder of the month. On top of that, as I mentioned in another thread, I just discovered that GMX has been shunting a bunch of messages directly into the Trash folder.

Not Spam. Trash.

No clue why, but I’m going to have to do some virtual dumpster-diving.

Please rest assured that no e-mails are being ignored, even if they’re not getting responses.

E-Mail Reminder

I guess in a sense it’s pointless to repeat this reminder again, but… just now I happened to check an old mailing address and saw a bunch of CIDU mail. Some of the newest being along the lines of “Hey, did you know the site is down?”

Yes, I’m perpetually behind on responding to e-mail — but rarely several years behind.

I’m just mentioning this for those of you who’ve been wondering “I asked Bill about a comic at the end of 2014: is he still thinking about it???”

So the reminder itself:

Regardless of whatever other e-mail addresses you have for me, please use only this one

cidu email

for submissions or any other CIDU-related matters (including problems or questions about the site; Random Comments is an open forum, and not the best way to reach me)


A Reminder and a Semi-Secret

First, please send everything — both comics, and comments intended only for me — to this address:


If you use any other address, I might or might not ever see it.

Also: The complete left sidebar still does exist in this new template: Look to the left, where the sidebar just says COMICS I DON’T UNDERSTAND followed by “Home” and “Your Random Comments.” Above COMICS I DON’T UNDERSTAND, to the right of the three horizontal lines, is an icon that looks like a folder. Click that, and the full left sidebar will appear.

I know. This is counter-intuitive at best and borderline insane at worst. Presumably, somebody thought this was a good idea.

Many of you have already figured this out, but understandably many have not.