Progress Report: Blogroll Done

February 12:

Okay, now the Blogroll should work. Apparently the problem was, WordPress doesn’t like people using HTML, or doesn’t trust people to use HTML, and it kept adding extraneous code every time I saved it.

Regarding the fonts: apparently there’s nothing to be done about the grey default text; but I was able to replace the annoying-to-read Grasshopper Green text with red, which shows up nice and sharp and easy on the eyes.

They allow over a hundred different font types, most of them with a dozen size options and many style options (regular, bold, italic), but very few color options unless you want to create your own palette.

I should add that a lot of people are contacting me offering help and advice, and it’s all appreciated; but I can’t get back to everybody on a timely basis, and for that I apologize.

Still on the to-do list: Continue reading “Progress Report: Blogroll Done”

Just a reminder about sending me stuff

Please use only this address to send me CIDUs, LOLs, etc. And if possible, send both the graphic and the URL (because graphics don’t always get through, and URLs don’t always work).


Yes, I know the template has a “contact” link: but anything sent there gets lumped in with all the notifications WordPress sends me every day, so I’m likely to miss it.