2 and done, Monday afternoon bonus

The “1 and done” panel comic is not quite new to CIDU, but pretty rare. Here are two of their entries from a recent week. In the first one you can sort of make out the text in the manuscript, and it incorporates the important discovery that this draft was done in (Modern or Early-Modern) English! And on the meta plane, to boot, the caption launches with the same opening words.

This one is also a LOL, but something of a CIDU into the bargain.  We get the idea of a joke, the mismatch between the grandiosity of the way he expresses it and the mundanity of the task. BUT why does he look like Moses? Is he delusional? Does he just like to dress up? Or maybe this is Moses, thrown into modern life?

At the Gallery

Tomversation sent in by Ollie. As a CIDU? Didn’t say! Is the joke like those set at modern art galleries, where a frame surrounds a stain on the wall, here turned into a window mistaken for an art object? Or is it just a fond reminder that one can tire of any quality of indoor view and welcome a glance out a window?

Next mystery: Is it meant to be somewhat realistic? So these would be a collection of posters on paper, mounted on somebody’s wall? No? An actual touring exhibition of masterpieces unlikely to be loaned out and then exhibited together? Nah.

Does it remind you of one of those paintings that show other paintings, maybe in a gallery setting? Like this one by Samuel F. B. Morse:

And now, for something not quite completely different! Still in the realm of fine arts and popular suspicion, this OY from Cornered, sent by Olivier.

Wrong Hands can be cynical without being mean:

Oh, how those New Yorkers love themselves some art:

And The Far Side on “The Art of Conversation”. Sorry, just a link, not a copy.


And just be hush-hush about this, okay? —