1. Everybody disses Lilith.

    But Lee saw “Eve” as part of “New year’s Eve” and tried to milk a pun out of it. And failed.

  2. Eve with the apple literally ate Adam out of house and home (or house and garden). This appears to foreshadow problems in their future. A less likely reading is that this is Eve II and he’s expecting problems with her too, but that wouldn’t explain their location or wardrobe. Incidentally, does that flower in her hair make her a little overdressed?

  3. Adam got a new Eve every year?

    It’s not a terrible pun (although it is a very bad one) but the execution has to mean *something*. This one really doesn’t work at all. And considering the value of the pun (not terrible but very bad) it sure isn’t worth it.

  4. Billybob, Adam doesn’t have much experience, so Eve is wearing the flower so he’ll know she’s a woman.

  5. New Year, new Eve. Last year’s Eve is now out of fashion.

    He’s exaggerating on the “out of house and home” or they’d be wearing clothes after being kicked out; so maybe this is the one who eats the apple and it’s funny that one bite really is going to eat him out of his present home (maybe the house is there but not shown).

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