1. This template does NOT make it simple to add things to the sidebar (which is why the March of Dimes graphic never made it there). I suspect they want to discourage any content there that isn’t strictly part of the template’s offerings.

    It will get done, though. As well as moving the first 14,280 Random Comments into an archive.

  2. If adding a direct link to an external site is difficult, you might try the same method as with “Your Random Comments”: just create a post with the description and link in the header, and put a link to that post in the sidebar. Ditto for the CIDU FAQ.

  3. This afternoon, 5/16, all my RSS for GoComics are coming in as 404 Not Found. Anyone have any idea what that’s all about?

  4. @ Andréa – This might be a local effect caused by a defective DNS system in your area. The “Comics RSS” server is working fine from here. If your RSS system is a native part of GoComics, then I can’t help: I gave up on their perpetually clogged systems many months ago.

  5. Kilby: “Nobody ever reads the last comment on one of these pages.”

    I read it!

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