1. larK is not hallucinating. I read that comment before, too. I didn’t notice it disappearing, but I see that it’s back now.

  2. @ larK – Not only did I see that seccond comment, I did replied to it, too, here. Perhaps you missed it because the answer is on the second page? That might also be an explanation for the odd disappearances: WordPress is simply not reliable about keeping track of the particular sub-page to which the link should lead.

  3. @ Andréa – We had an exchange (weeks or even months ago) about figuring out in which “Portland” the action was happening. I just wanted to be sure that you had seen a pair of comics in this week’s “Frazz”, on

    and Wednesday:

  4. Kilby – I sent them to CIDU BILL ’cause I couldn’t remember WHERE we’d had the discussion. I sometimes feel that SOMEone is either reading my emails OR there is a microphone in my house, listening to whatever we discuss ’cause sure enough, there’ll be a comic about it, sooner rather than later!

  5. @ Andréa – It doesn’t have to be as creepy as reading e-mails. The discussion was near the end of the Christmas in August thread. It’s entirely possible that any number of syndicated cartoonists (including Mallett) lurk at CIDU, if only to gauge reader reactions. I’ve even sent links to Leigh Rubin (“Rubes”), when one of his strips was being discussed, but I have no idea whether he follows the site in general.

  6. @ Andréa – Well, if you own one of those “smart” speakers, I’m sure it has an off switch, or you can remove whatever it uses for power. If you don’t trust that, there’s always the “sledgehammer” option.

  7. Many years ago, I went to Portland ME. Bath Iron Works was retrofitting a destroyer (USS Conolly) including new weapon systems built by Megacorp. Some of the test and evaluation engineers were there to check out the installation. This was in September. It was a nice time of the year there. Most of the tourists had gone home but restaurants and such were still open.

  8. @ Bill – I believe the comic bandwidth at CIDU has significantly increased as of late. Reviewing a ten-day period, I counted a total of 36 posts. Even discounting a few “OT” items, this seems like much more stuff than we ever saw on the old site, and I think the number of active participants is higher now, too. All good, of course. It’s just nice to see that a grossly negligent provider was not able to sink CIDU forever.

  9. Thanks, Kilby. I think the number of posts has remained about the same, but the traffic and participation numbers are up over pre-Disaster levels.

    And of course, thanks to everybody for helping the site recover.

  10. I had an epiphany this morning: There is no longer a single character in LuAnn I don’t want to kick in the teeth.

  11. I asked my dad to look. It’s supposed to be in the December issue, he said that it’s not on the shelves yet.

  12. “H is for Hiro, who needs more than prayers”
    “R is for Reid, valued less than a gun”

    Wow, not treading lightly.

  13. I’m happy to let incompetent editors slowly fade into the oblivion of deeply buried CIDU pages, but I’d like to pay tribute to some truly excellent copy editors here in Random Comments.
    Two of my favorite German authors aren’t even German:
    1) Wladimir Kaminer is a Russian disk jockey, who writes very amusing stories about life in Berlin.
    2) Zé do Rock is a Brazilian taxi driver, who has written equally amusing science fiction and autobiographical books.
    Judging from the non-native (and non-academic) background of both authors, I am sure that their German manuscripts are not perfect, but the text in their printed works is truly amazing, and whoever did the copy editing should get an award.
    This is even more impressive for Zé do Rock, who usually starts off in “standard” German, and then begins his very own personal spelling reform, introducing one or two “simplifications” in each chapter, so that by the end of the book, his “Ultradoitsh” looks like an alien tongue, but is still pronounceable German (if the reader has been following along with all the changes).

  14. P.S. As good as those two are, the most impressive copy editing that I have ever seen has been in books by Peter Ensikat, a German political commentator and humorist, whose career began in East Germany, long before German unification. Reading his material gave me a much better understanding of how politics in East Germany really worked, since he wrote from the “outside” of both the East and the West German systems, and maintained his independence from the “accepted thought” of both.
    Finding a typographical error in Ensikat’s books is about as hard as finding one in a Bible. I first noticed this about halfway through the first or second book I read, and spent the rest of that book looking for something (anything!) that could be called a “mistake”. I finally found one, but it was so minor that I never would have noticed if I had not been carefully hunting for it: a confusion between a lowercase “L” (l) and the digit “1” (*). In the font in which the book was printed, the shapes were were distinct, but the difference was only barely noticeable.
    P.P.S. (*) For those of non-geezer persuasion: This was once standard practice for anything typed in a Courier font. Older typewriters didn’t even offer a key for “1”, everyone was taught to use the “l” key.

  15. Those of you in North America may not have noticed it, but Europe just lurched an hour closer, at least as far as time is concerned. The effect will be temporary, lasting only until mid-November, but it’s anyone’s guess what will happen next year.

  16. I’m pretty sure Gasoline Alley’s farewell story line has been going on longer than the entire run of some comic strips.

  17. Not every close race involved ballot boxes Tuesday: daily traffic on the CIDU site beat the previous high by a single pageview (clicking in at 11:59 pm).

  18. I mentioned to my hubby this a.m. that it seemed a LOT of us were on CIDU last night . . . it’s our ‘safe spot’ during these fraught times. At least for me, it was, is and will continue to be. For which, Bill, I’m grateful!

  19. “I’m pretty sure Gasoline Alley’s farewell story line has been going on longer than the entire run of some comic strips.”

    Twice he’s taken week-long, pointless, side-journeys.

  20. Comments have really increased over the past few weeks. I opened over 20 this morning. Part of that was a large Meryl flood of course.

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