1. And here we are on a brand-new page: it appears that this WordPress template subdivides into a second page after 100 comments. Pity that it doesn’t do that for posts.

    P.S. Anyone else notice that http://www.mutts.com is broken? The advertising garbage works perfectly. The only thing that I cannot see is the actual comic.

    P.P.S. McDonnell’s marketing is getting so tiresome that I am seriously considering dropping Mutts from my reading list.

  2. P.P.P.S. My mistake, the page breaks are every 50 comments, not 100. But when the new comment is posted, WordPress returns to the previous page. Ooops. I doubt we are ever going to get that bug fixed.

  3. Also a little irritating is that the link in Recent Comments list didn’t come here but to a previous page. (Mobile interface, but I don’t think it’s different on desktop.)

  4. “Is Soup To Nutz finished? I see they are doing ‘classic’ ones on GoComics.”

    On rec.arts.comics.strips, one person posted:

    I just e-mailed gocomics.com/Andrews McMeel about the gocomics.com no longer carrying Soup to Nutz, and I got this response: “At the request of the creator, that feature has moved to another syndicate.”

  5. I realize now that the post I responded to was from a few weeks back. I hope it was still useful. Also, further info from that RACS thread:

    I even got a response from Rick S. himself about this: “There are no plas for Soup to Nutz to be syndicated by another syndicate” And Rick will archie the strip and upload them sometime down the road. He even gave a website: http://www.souptonutzcomic.com

  6. Yes, it very well may, but that doesn’t belie the fact that it is right now, in fact, too darn hot…

  7. Testing again if it still embeds. If it works here, why didn’t it when Woozy provided this in the current Saturday Morning thread?

  8. What the heck happened here? Whenever I try to go to Comics I Don’t Understand, I’m redirected to this website. What’s worse, all archive prior to January 2018 seems to be completely absent. What is going on?

  9. This is the comics I don’t understand website.

    In the end of December, GoDaddy screwed up the site so bad that Bill was forced to change web hosts. In changing, all previous archives of the site were lost. In changing, Bill first set up a temporary new domain name to test that everything was working. Once it got going again, rather than disrupt everything by changing the temp name, he just kept it as is, and had the comicsidontunderstand.com domain name redirect here.

    So you see, it all makes sense.

    What doesn’t make sense is that WordPress has this stupid bug that comments on the third page of a posting can’t be directly linked to…

  10. I’m glad to see the crowd giving an encouraging welcome-back message to Prodigal Fan Somto Erinne. (Yes, I’m using the popular misunderstanding of that term.)

    I might lodge one small amendment to larK’s summary of the history. After the “comicsidontunderstand.com” name was disconnected from the ghost site and made to point here, both that and “godaddyandthesquirrelmustbothdie.wordpress.com” have been known to the WordPress hosting system and registered as domains associated with this site or “blog”. The “godaddy” one is marked as default, which means visitors see it in our location bar / address bar area on the browsers, regardless of which formulation of the URL we used to get here.

    Changing that so the “comicsidontunderstand” name showed there instead would not really be a matter of “disrupt[ing] everything by changing the temp name” as that name would not have to be cancelled. Rather, it would just be a matter of designating the “comicsidontunderstand” name as the default domain. That is literally just a matter of changing one checkbox on the WP admin panel. (I tried it out on my own WP hosted try-things-out site, and switched between the “native” name and the redirecting name multiple times in a row with no ill consequences.)

    We discussed this in a series of some 5 or 6 posts at the start of the second page of comments in this thread. (O, for those numbered comments!). I think it ended up at a position of — Yes, it would be safe to do, and easy enough, but why bother? .

    But Somto Erinne’s experience may illuminate one good reason. Apparently they were disconcerted by seeing the “godaddy” name as the browser location bar, leading to confusion. Had the “comicsidontunderstand” name been showing instead, they would have stood a better chance of working it out.

  11. Mitch4 said, “I’m glad to see the crowd giving an encouraging welcome-back message to Prodigal Fan Somto Erinne.”

    Nicely put.

  12. (Further image-embedding tip.)

    At GoComics, if you right-click and choose “copy image address” or whatever the equivalent is in your browser, the URL you copy will be unsuitable for pasting as an embed! It will end in a selection code, for instance http://assets.amuniversal.com/6507987015b801362512005056a9545d which does not conform to the “rules” we were figuring out before. It doesn’t end with a graphics filetype suffix.

    However, perhaps surprisingly, if you just manually type on an additional “.gif” it still points to the right thing, and can be used to embed the image.

  13. Is there a way to make the comments sections I subscribe to come to my RSS feed? I’m getting *tons* of emails. Not that I’m complaining! It took a long time to be able to subscribe.

  14. Help! Help, help!

    I accidentally deleted a folder of comics tabs. Is anybody willing to send me (export somehow?) a list of the comics they follow? ARGH!

    If you’re willing, I’m at chakolate AT gmail.

    Le sigh.

  15. For anyone who might accidentally delete their comics folder, (no, I know you’re not that stupid; it’s just me, right?) try checking your history, and getting the bookmarks from there. Whew!

  16. If you haven’t closed the browser, you might be able to “undo close tab” to get it back.

  17. I can’t recall who recommended the book “Cartoon County” but I just wanted to say that it was an interesting read, and that because I read it while on public transit, I randomly met a local graphic artist with whom I had an interesting discussion. Thanks for the recommendation.

  18. For those who switched over to using https://www.comicsrss.com/ (instead of GoComics) for daily feed links: have you noticed problems over the past few days? I can’t find anything newer than June 1st, despite reloading the pages and clearing cache.

  19. Same here. I didn’t notice it so much because I was behind in reading, but today there’s nothing.

  20. Hey, Kilby, Looks like you made lightning strike. I came home to find 138 comics in my feed.


  21. @ Chak (129) – I didn’t do anything 😉 Actually, I think the reason for the temporary outage was a design change. Before, each of the comics in the RSS-list worked as a direct link to GoComics. Now they don’t: instead, there’s a “U”-icon above the upper right corner of the strip.

  22. Wow, Kilby, you’re a very observant fellow. Or maybe I’m just oblivious. At any rate, I’m glad it’s working again.

  23. @ Chak – I discovered those links only by accident at first, but I remained aware of them because they were very useful for copying the “official” link when submitting a comic to Bill.

  24. @ Bill – your recent “E-mail Reminder” listed your address as a (non-harvestable) graphic. You might want to use that in the opening paragraph to this thread, too. Currently ithe address shows up as bot-friendly text.

  25. I’m sure as bots struggle towards the Singularity, they’ll need lots of help in understanding some comics — I for one would prefer our new robotic overlords understand that they shouldn’t literally “take my wife”…

  26. Do you think there is any truth to the story that hackers (or whoever) are getting transcriptions of supposed-to-be non machine-readable address and number images by using them in Captcha?

  27. “Do you think there is any truth to the story that hackers…”

    No. I think they’re developing AI that can resolve blurry text. They’re also developing AI that can tell humans and AI apart. And Google seems to be transitioning CAPTCHA checking to help with sorting out Streetview images, possibly for automatic driving, since it’s all about identifying buses, other vehicles, bridges, and road signs.

  28. I read once that some sites, like google books, were using CAPTCHA to clarify the scanned material that machines couldn’t read. So if they’re digitizing a book and the program can’t read something, it becomes a CAPTCHA.

  29. Back when CAPTCHA was using fuzzy words as recognition objects, yes, Google Books used crowd-sourced humans (via CAPTCHA) to resolve words that the AI couldn’t parse. I believe there was also a period where the crowd-sourced humans were also put to work on guessing what word was meant for autocorrect (though I don’t recall seeing any CAPTCHA that were obviously for that purpose. Current CAPTCHA involves being offered an image in a grid, with the parts that are (object type) asked to be marked. I’ve seen a lot that asked about road signs, and recently I’ve been asked to identify bridges. Another format in common use is a grid of images, and the user is asked to identify those pictures that contain (object type)… buses, bicycles, and storefronts being the (object type) I keep being asked to identify. I think this information is being put to use to improve visual recognition for self-driving cars… they can identify solid objects like walls fairly well, but are not as good at identifying pedestrians and bicyclists, and that seems an important lack that needs to be corrected before turning over operation of the motor vehicle to automated systems.

  30. There is a wildfire near Vantage, Washington that has burned 7,300 acres by the Columbia River.
    “As of Friday morning, the Milepost 22 fire is at 50 percent containment, said incident management team spokesman Randy Shepard.”
    Yes, Randy Shepard. ; )

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