Sunday Funnies – LOL, May 17, 2020

rhymes umbrella

far fly

wiz time

Mitch: When my father (Myron Marks) was in law school in the early 1950s, he and a friend named Jerry Engels had a joke that they would form a partnership. A law firm with two left/liberal partners, called “Marks & Engels” would surely be popular in those days!

Rhymes With Licorice (Okay, not exactly, but really close; and if there’s one thing Icarus can appreciate, it’s “really close’)

Yesterday’s Rhymes With Orange:

rhymes licorice

I’m pretty sure anybody who knows who Icarus is know he wasn’t an angel — so I’m not sure where Ms. Piccolo was going with this.

And then today:

rubes icarus

Not the same day, granted, but really close; and if there’s one thing Icarus…