[OT] Podcasts

I used to swear by CastBox, the perfect podcast app that was both free and almost ridiculously easy to use. The designers understood that it had two jobs: allow people to easily download virtually any podcast, and allow people to easily listen to anything downloaded.

But since we can’t have nice things, they decided to change it (ie: severely over-complicate it) and rename and re-arrange the essential functions, so that it’s become almost impossible to use.

Now that I’m swearing at Castbox, I’d happily delete this piece of dreck, even if that means losing every podcast I already have downloaded.

So I’m open to — actually, seriously in need of — suggestions. Nothing fancy: easy download and play, preferably free. I don’t need it to sync with all my devices. I don’t need it to tie into my social media. I don’t need it to walk my dog.

Thanks much.