The Twelve Days – Postscript 3 – icon layouts for all 12

Single image layouts of 12 days

It turns out the twelve days gifts from the song has been a popular motif with artists, decorators, cartoonists, and editorialists to design a layout presenting all twelve days or gifts in a single graphics image (or needlepoint, wallpaper, etc). A couple of these we have been using for “featured image” in posts. But here is a small collection, some very traditional and some sardonic, to stand in for the wide realm of possibility.

Introducing #TeamPinocchio (DeathMatch! update)

Since a few people suggested it, I’m making the absolutely final tweak to DeathMatch: bringing in Pinocchio, who already has three points, to replace “Gesundheit!” comics (and of course now we’ll see several of those tomorrow, but this was the final change).

Walt and Boise Ed sent me this Half Full panel:

kicking the bucket

So Death now leads #TeamPinocchio (which includes Russian nesting dolls and clown cars) 8-5.