Strange Chicken

strange chicken

Why would he feel awkward? Terrified, I could understand…

And really, if anybody should feel awkward in this situation, it would be Colonel Sanders. For that matter, for all Sanders knows, the last words he’ll ever hear will be “My name is  Chester the Chicken. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

Of course, I’m just assuming that’s Colonel Sanders. Maybe it’s Burl Ives and I’m really confused.

Strange Question

strange question.gif

Is she referring to the likelihood that one parent was human and the other a horse? If so, isn’t this an odd question for on magical creature to ask another? Surely she’s seen countless centaurs before.

Kind of weird, by the way, that this comic with a magical being shooting arrows appeared a few days before St. Valentine’s Dy yet apparently has nothing to do with it.