Comics That Made Andréa Laugh Out Loud

I realized I had a significant backlog of LOLs submitted by Andréa, so I’m going to upload a bunch of them at once…

andrea rubes mimsbizarro hunterbohemian Pearls AndreaDark Side of the Coffee Andreaspeed bump reveal andrea

strange brew andrea downsizingwayno venus andreaWilliam Joel Andreawrong hands cows

Sunday Funnies – November 4, 2018

speed bump aphrodite andrea

Submitted by Andréa


bizarro adam and eve

I guess Arlo and Janis didn’t think of this…

You mean there was a file in that cake you sent me peter arno

“You mean to say there was a file in that cake you sent me!” Actually, this would have been prime interrobang territory.


rhymes with part

And one for the Arlo Page