[OT] Where have I been?

We’re going to California next month. The last time we were there, several years ago, we ate at a Chinese restaurant we really liked. We can’t remember the name of the place but no worries: my phone, by default, keeps track of everyplace I’ve been since May of 2013 (except for a few days when I lost the phone in a taxi in Montreal, so instead it holds a log of every stop the driver made).

Is this a good thing? A bad thing? Or just an it’s-the-21st-century-and-you-might-as-well-not-worry-about-it-because-it-can-be-useful-and-privacy-doesn’t-exist-anymore-anyway thing?


order food

Twenty years ago, when I was visiting my brother’s family in California, we were in a park and he used his cell phone (I didn’t even have a cell phone at the time) to call a local pizza place to have them deliver it to us there. It was an odd request, because they delivered to homes, but they agreed to do it and my brother gave the guy a nice tip.

And now welcome to 2019, when even having speaking to a human being to place your park food order seems retro.


Thursday Afternoon LOL


Speaking of which… when we want to talk with the kids, or they with us, we’ll generally first send a text message “Good time for a call?” I don’t think we could have predicted 15 years ago that this would be the new normal, but it just makes sense: we might be busy, they might be busy, we might be eating dinner, they might be eating dinner, we might be out, they might be out, we might be cooking strawberry jam…

I know we’re not the only ones.