Nontransitive Synchronicity

Arthur: I see synchronicity between Cornered & Flying McCoys. I also see synchronicity between Flying McCoys and Frank & Ernest, but none between Cornered and Frank & Ernest.

ns cornered

ns mccoy

ns frank

Oddly enough, this is the first Frank & Ernest to show up here since Comigeddon.

Well, the really odd part is that just yesterday, I had to correct somebody who claimed somebody other than Mr. Thaves originated the Ginger Rogers line.


Like leaving a sponge or a surgical instrument in the body except… it’s a Post-It Note??

loose surgery

And while two comics on the same day dealing with trials doesn’t qualify as synchronicity, two comics I don’t understand on the same day dealing with trials does.

trial pardon

Easy enough to tell what’s literally happening in both comics, I guess, but what are the jokes?