fib glasses

  1. I’m sure I’ve mentioned in the past how much I detest the “Fibs your parents told you as a child” concept.
  2. What part of this is supposed to be funny?
  3. Why is this something parents would lie to a child about anyway? If she doesn’t want to wear glasses, will the promise of not having to wear them twenty years in the future make a bit of difference?
  4. That said, I wore glasses every waking moment from my pre-teens, and then suddenly stopped needing them when I was 44.

    Funny story there: I thought my eyesight was really getting bad, because I was having a lot of trouble focusing. One day I was with a friend and I was trying to read a map, and I just couldn’t. She said “Try taking off your glasses.” And… problem solved: I didn’t need the glasses, not for close-up or for distance, and wearing them was the thing screwing me up. Who knew?


order food

Twenty years ago, when I was visiting my brother’s family in California, we were in a park and he used his cell phone (I didn’t even have a cell phone at the time) to call a local pizza place to have them deliver it to us there. It was an odd request, because they delivered to homes, but they agreed to do it and my brother gave the guy a nice tip.

And now welcome to 2019, when even having speaking to a human being to place your park food order seems retro.