fib glasses

  1. I’m sure I’ve mentioned in the past how much I detest the “Fibs your parents told you as a child” concept.
  2. What part of this is supposed to be funny?
  3. Why is this something parents would lie to a child about anyway? If she doesn’t want to wear glasses, will the promise of not having to wear them twenty years in the future make a bit of difference?
  4. That said, I wore glasses every waking moment from my pre-teens, and then suddenly stopped needing them when I was 44.

    Funny story there: I thought my eyesight was really getting bad, because I was having a lot of trouble focusing. One day I was with a friend and I was trying to read a map, and I just couldn’t. She said “Try taking off your glasses.” And… problem solved: I didn’t need the glasses, not for close-up or for distance, and wearing them was the thing screwing me up. Who knew?