Introducing #TeamPinocchio (DeathMatch! update)

Since a few people suggested it, I’m making the absolutely final tweak to DeathMatch: bringing in Pinocchio, who already has three points, to replace “Gesundheit!” comics (and of course now we’ll see several of those tomorrow, but this was the final change).

Walt and Boise Ed sent me this Half Full panel:

kicking the bucket

So Death now leads #TeamPinocchio (which includes Russian nesting dolls and clown cars) 8-5.

DeathMatch! Update

Two more Deaths: one from Arseetoo

death sinatra

and one from DanV

cooped up

Plus a Clown Car comic (finally!) from Becky, which is also a CIDU; I’m familiar with Mr. Martin’s “Another way to tell…” trope, but I’m not following the logic of this one.

boffo clown cars

EDIT: And a few hours later another Clown Car, from jajizi:

beetle clown

Which brings us to Death 7, Russian Clown Gesundheit 2.

(With non-competing Pinocchio still at 3)

DeathMatch! update

Two more for Death today. I assume the Bizarro is somehow related to “cummerbund” and “moribund” sounding a little sort of alike (though I’m open to other suggestions); and the Buni is a full-fledged CIDU.

Well, it doesn’t have to make sense to earn a point.


Submitted by Andréa

buni bones

So that’s Death 4, Russian Clown Gesundheit 0.

Non-participant Pinocchio is hanging in there with 3.

(And I assume the joke here is that a puppet made out of driftwood will become a drifter)

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EDITED TO ADD: Okay, “Oh no, I’m just here for your Yogurt” Grim Reaper only,  Which returns us to Death 2, Russian Clown Gesundheit 0. 

Pinocchio must be enjoying this.