Comic Strip Secret Santa

We did this a few years ago — probably longer ago than I think — so I thought it was time to have another go:

To take part, send me an e-mail at cidu email.jpg(not in the Comments section below, please) with Secret Santa in the subject line. I’ll send you the names of three comic strip characters; you choose one of them (or more than one if you feel inspired), then pick the perfect gift for him/her/it.

It’s not mandatory, but if you let me know which one(s) you choose, I can put the others back into play; but please don’t send me your responses: December 16, I’ll put up a post asking for them.

(I’ve already been given my own assignment)

If you’re not familiar with any of the names I give you, you may exchange them for a new set.

Edited to add: In case anybody’s wondering –which is, granted, unlikely — I’m working with a long list of character names, and a Randomizer gives me three names for each person.

And a reminder: if you can, please return whichever names you’re not using — or else eventually I’ll be assigning somebody “That Girl in Pardon My Planet Who Wears the Tiara.”

(Though actually… that really isn’t a terrible idea)

Oh, and all you thousands of new visitors from American Samoa are welcome to participate!

classified santa


Chanukah Cards!

This year again, if you want a Limited Edition Bickel Family Chanukah card, you only need to send your mailing address to


with the subject line “Chanukah Card.” You don’t have to be a regular contributor, and you certainly don’t have to be Jewish.

If you’d rather have a digital version, that’s also an option: but those are a lot less fun.


Chanukah Cards: Last Call (for real this time: they’re almost gone)

You’ve seen their work in The Atlantic and Barrons, and on and other web sites. And now they’re creating… the 2018 Bickel Family Chanukah card.

As always, any member of the CIDU Community is welcome to a card. It doesn’t matter which if any holiday you celebrate this month. Or if you’re a frequent contributor, a lurker, an artist, or even a @#$% Squirrel.

Just send your mailing address to BICKELCHANUKAH@GMX.COM (and only there). All addresses will be deleted as soon as cards are mailed out.

(Please note that the other 47 spellings of “Chanukah” will not work)

Please note these are physical cards, designed as such, so I’ll need your mailing address; BUT… if anybody specifically needs a digital version — you have no room for cards, or maybe you’re afraid of your mail carrier — I can get the files. Please use the same e-mail address for these requests.