Personal Synchronicity of the Year

So… my wife and I were having a bite to eat in a diner in the city, and the 1986 RUN-DMC/Aerosmith collaboration of “Walk This Way” started playing over the speakers. Neither of us had heard it in years, if not decades, and we discussed how the song brought RUN-DMC to the mainstream and brought Aerosmith back from semi-obscurity.

Then on to the theatre for Bill Irwin’s one-man show about Samuel Beckett. Midway through, seemingly out of nowhere, he says that even he needs a break from Beckett sometimes, and the public address system begins to play…


Idaho Idiot Bill Bickel. This is new.

While at the same time just more of the same.┬áSeriously, how does every Bill Bickel in the country think he has my email address? I’m not even sure whether this makes five or six, that’s how bad it’s gotten.

I just got three apparently-important e-mails regarding his upcoming medical procedure, and I have no way of forwarding them to him.


The #1 Fan



This might not be as far-fetched as Mr. McPherson thinks: when we were house-hunting some years back we came across a house whose fan, while not quite as large as this one, was powerful enough that it literally knocked my wife off her feet. The sort of thing you’d expect in a factory or something.

I don’t want to think about what the electric bill must have been for that house, but I’m pretty sure they never had to dust anything.