E-Mail Reminder

I guess in a sense it’s pointless to repeat this reminder again, but… just now I happened to check an old mailing address and saw a bunch of CIDU mail. Some of the newest being along the lines of “Hey, did you know the site is down?”

Yes, I’m perpetually behind on responding to e-mail — but rarely several¬†years behind.

I’m just mentioning this for those of you who’ve been wondering “I asked Bill about a comic at the end of 2014: is he still thinking about it???”

So the reminder itself:

Regardless of whatever other e-mail addresses you have for me, please use only this one

cidu email

for submissions or any other CIDU-related matters (including problems or questions about the site; Random Comments is an open forum, and not the best way to reach me)


Ring Tone I Don’t Understand [OT]

Maybe somebody here can figure this out…

My wife phoned me yesterday; and instead of a default ring, I heard… well, the wrong kind of Ring. I heard “Ride of the Valkyries.”

Which would be fine, except I never set that as the ring tone for calls from my wife’s phone. And I don’t have that music in my phone. Anywhere.

Nonetheless… Ride of the Valkyries

The next time she called me, I heard the usual default ring tone — so I¬† have no idea what happened earlier. The most logical hypothesis at this moment is that this wasn’t a ring tone at all: at the very moment she called me, an army of Valkyries just happened to be flying past.

(She later decided, by the way, that she wants that music to be her ring tone on my phone — specifically, the Elmer Fudd cover version)