[OT] Darkest Hour


If you’re going to make a movie about Winston Churchill, and you want to fictionalize and trivialize the most important decision he made in his life, one of the pivotal decisions of the twentieth century… then just call the movie fiction, rename the character Wallace Birchill, and have at it.

(It’s safe to assume that the comments section will contain spoilers for the film, if that’s relevant in this case; I always err on the side of extreme caution)

This was sent to me as an LOL; on the other hand, though…


… at least they got it right: if test results I’ve seen are to be believed, a person’s ancestry is very close to random. Which I suspect it is not.

My brother, according to his, has an ancestry entirely different from mine (and no, we didn’t even have a milkman when he was born), while his wife’s is more similar to mine (and no, we are not from the hills of West Virginia).