Totally OT other than the fact that the lightning was why today’s CIDU went up half a day late

robin computer

Okay, so big boom and the neighborhood went dark. Once power was restored and my wife switch on her computer (Compaq PC) this afternoon, this was the screen and the computer isn’t responding to any keyboard commands. We rebooted several times, with and without various accessories attached.

Any suggestions other than “Well, the computer lived a long and full life”?

(In hindsight we should have unplugged it to eliminate any chance of a sudden power surge doing damage, but that’s not the sort of thing you think of when everything’s dark at 4am)

Just FYI

I am way behind on e-mail, and am likely to remain so for the remainder of the month. On top of that, as I mentioned in another thread, I just discovered that GMX has been shunting a bunch of messages directly into the Trash folder.

Not Spam. Trash.

No clue why, but I’m going to have to do some virtual dumpster-diving.

Please rest assured that no e-mails are being ignored, even if they’re not getting responses.