Tomatoes and Peaches

tomatoes and peaches

  1. Has anybody ever actually done this?
  2. How much of a slob is this kid?
  3. Peaches and fresh tomatoes are not hard to clean. Chocolate ice cream, now, that can be a problem.
  4. If this Child Who Isn’t Caulfield is a boy, and he’s unable to eat like a human being, he can just take off his shirt. That what my kids did in the summer before they learned to eat properly (though I don’t remember peaches or fresh tomatoes ever being an issue).

I can’t believe I never noticed this before…


The Seattle PI’s Retail page doesn’t list Norm Feuti’s name anywhere (and this seems to be, um, the norm). How do you not, as a matter of policy, list the writer’s on the page?

Yes, there’s a tiny handwritten “(c) 2019 Norman Feuti” between the panels — but not only doesn’t that really count, but “Norman” isn’t the name he writes under.