What it is and what it ain’t (YMMV)

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A couple of people sent me this for the Geezer file. I have to disagree because the reruns have never left us. Otherwise Lucretia wouldn’t be old enough to know what this was. Neither would I. Neither, I assume, would Barney, or the two people who sent this to me.

I also can’t go along with “violent,” because Ralph is all bluster and nobody takes any of it seriously.

I’m not sure I’d call it misogynist — but if it were, Alice’s comment about Ralph’s weight wouldn’t make it any less so.


Comic Strip Secret Santa

We did this a few years ago — probably longer ago than I think — so I thought it was time to have another go:

To take part, send me an e-mail at cidu email.jpg(not in the Comments section below, please) with Secret Santa in the subject line. I’ll send you the names of three comic strip characters; you choose one of them (or more than one if you feel inspired), then pick the perfect gift for him/her/it.

It’s not mandatory, but if you let me know which one(s) you choose, I can put the others back into play; but please don’t send me your responses: December 16, I’ll put up a post asking for them.

(I’ve already been given my own assignment)

If you’re not familiar with any of the names I give you, you may exchange them for a new set.

Edited to add: In case anybody’s wondering –which is, granted, unlikely — I’m working with a long list of character names, and a Randomizer gives me three names for each person.

And a reminder: if you can, please return whichever names you’re not using — or else eventually I’ll be assigning somebody “That Girl in Pardon My Planet Who Wears the Tiara.”

(Though actually… that really isn’t a terrible idea)

Oh, and all you thousands of new visitors from American Samoa are welcome to participate!

classified santa




This has already been sent to me as a CIDU twice today.

My aunt and uncle were married for over 60 years. My aunt is really, really smart, but… a bit on the gullible side. He would always be saying things… well, like this… and she’d always fall for it.

Toward the end of his life, when I saw him doing it again, I said “Uncle Doug, doesn’t this ever get old?” and he said “Nope. Never.”

His logic is pushing it



Even if he could figure out how to do fractions of a push-up each day, he’s still be up to just under 17 1/2 per day.

Wouldn’t it have made more sense — and not harmed the jokes at all — to start with one push-up a day and add on each day?

Or alternately, to start with one and double it each day until he (theoretically) ends up with something like 500 million a day?

(You know, something like this site’s current statistics, or the price of a loaf of bread in 1923 Germany?)