Smart or mean?

Mitch4 asks:

Is the waiter making a smart or a nasty suggestion?  
(Even granting the presupposition that people would love to have some Limburger but normally refrain from concern about offensive breath.)
1) Now is the chance, as customers are masked and will be protected from others noticing their bad breath the rest of the day.  So the waiter is making a good suggestion.
OR 2) But actually he is leading them on, knowing that a masked person will be smelling their own breath all day.  So he is nasty and taking out some revenge on customers.

Gut yontif

Sentences that I would have never, ever predicted one year ago:

“The sukkah in the front of the synagogue is not kosher, because we can’t give it three walls and still make it drive-through. Please make sure everyone is wearing masks when you go through.”

I’m not Jewish, but my wife and kids are, and that was the message from our synagogue today. Imagine reading that one year ago and trying to make sense of it.

Chag Sameach to anyone who’s celebrating.

Arlo won by 18 days

For those of you who haven’t been following the (long, long) discussion in the Random Comments thread, Bill’s son, Aaron Bickel, has very generously given some of us CIDU commenters the ability to administer this blog. We hope to get a regular posting schedule going soon, but for now new posts may be a little erratic.

The queue is empty right now (I lifted this one from a comment by Andréa), so if you have new submissions, please send them to the new editors’ e-mail in the FAQ.

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