1. I’ve been trying to find a modern military unit of 144 men ; the range would make it a company, but there are huge variations here as well.
    Actually, if you want 144, you can buy plastic toy soldiers: it seems they’re sold by the gross.

  2. @ Mitch4 – “Halloween and Christmas are just notational variants:
    31 OCT == 25 DEC

    Does that mean that the website subheader for next month will read
    It’s OctEmber!” ?

  3. And as I think I’ve mused here before, “740” used to be The Number of the Beast, before the Beast’s agent took our his ten per cent commission.

  4. Mitch4 –

    So, is the fact that my mail is not stamped “obvious value” why instead of forwarding (from our PO Box) some of it they are returning some of it to the sender (NYS Tax and a credit card company) or it just disappears (16 bank statements for us, our business, and the two clubs of which I am treasurer)in 3 months) – and then when we got desperate enough to make a late night trip to the PO mid corona virus stay at home – there was mail (first class again) sitting in our PO box?

    Worst of all we were having our mail go to our PO box – at a post office other than the one which delivers to our house – because we had been having a problem with mail going astray and not getting to our house, so other than the returned mail and what was in the box when we went, we have no idea of which post office (our home post office or our PO box post office) is the one losing our mail. I am currently waiting for 2 checks to come from various places which are long over do since mailing plus another check had to be replaced as it never made it here.

    I so much miss and appreciate the daily trips to our PO Box for mail in and mail going out.

  5. Recently read an article in BBC History magazine that explained Roman Numerals were taken from the Etruscan system, They used different symbols which were more complicated, but they receive no credit for their system being used to develop the Roman system.

  6. Ay ay ay, who knows what is up with the mail these days! But my experience with the “obvious value” stamp was from the summer of Apollo 11 and Woodstock, so things may have changed by now, as they say on the NPR politics round-up podcast.

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