1. A few years ago, my 5yo nephew indignantly told my sister his mother: ‘You can’t buy these jeans: they’re torn!’. 🙂

  2. At the school where I work, torn jeans are banned. If kids turn up wearing them, they’re sent home to change. However, I work in the Middle East, so maybe things are different elsewhere.

  3. I think there are still parents who are against it for their own children, even if they don’t have a particular animus against it for other people, more than perhaps an eye-roll.

  4. Kids in the high school from which I retired 15 years ago were wearing them. Altho, come to think on it, I worked in a lower-sociio-economic school, so maybe they weren’t being fashionable.

  5. My objection to this strip has nothing to do with the jeans, but with the unexplainable popularity of the “zombie apocalypse” scenario. I cannot understand why anyone would want to go see such a trashy movie.

  6. They were fashionable back when I was in my late teens, early 20s and they’re popular now and I don’t think they ever went fully out of fashion. It is a fashion I don’t get. It is long past being edgy. If I had children I probably wouldn’t let them wear them. Or maybe I wouldn’t care. I hope that was helpful. 🙂

  7. I haven’t actually seen torn jeans on a person in years, but I did see them in stores back when I could go into a store. Maybe they’re clubwear? I don’t club.

  8. Was working in a west-coast tech office where ripped jeans would have been out of place. (It was west-coast casual, but not that casual). I noticed someone down the hall in ripped jeans. It was Steve Jobs.

  9. From what I’ve heard about Steve Jobs, if he were closer than down the hall you could have noticed him with your eyes shut.

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