Site Comments, October 2020 Edition

This is the first edition of “Site Comments”, a parallel to the “Random Comments” threads, and meant to relieve the density of commenting in those. While the Random Comments threads will continue to welcome comics-related (and semi-comics-related) topics, as well as life-in-general, this Site Comments thread is the place for suggestions / complaints / questions / musings on how this site is organized and operates. So if you have thoughts about, say, the placement of Recent Comments versus Recent Posts lists, this would be the place for that.

(That is not to say this is the only form of feedback available. Among other routes, you can write to Editors at But it is explicitly intended to funnel off site commentary from the Random Comments threads.)

This will also be a place for site managers to post questions and requests for ideas, along with operational notices like warnings of theme experimentation coming up etc., besides alerts in separate sticky posts.

At the same time as inaugurating this kind of thread, it is time for yet another rollover of the venerable Random Comments thread. The one about to close, with 650 comments, is “Random Comments, 2020 Edition” , and the one getting started contemporaneous with this Site Comments is “Random Comments, Late 2020 Edition”

Also: A list of the site’s most recent comments can be found in the left sidebar (under “folder” icon 2nd tab). A database of all the comments, compiled by larK, is here.

And the site’s former FAQ is here, representing the unique voice and outlook of CIDU Bill. An update for current addresses and notes is on its way.


  1. I should think that ultimately the decision of which comics to use/not use would be determined by the ‘editors’ (how many are there are the moment, BTW?), which would make it easier to ‘censor’ any that could start a flame war.

    And . . . if a reader is worried about a flame war, s/he can just not read CIDU ‘election comics’ when they are posted. I think we’re all mature enough AND dedicated to the memory of Bill’s CIDU legacy enough to be careful.

  2. So I’m sorry, could you please clarify: which have we always been at war with, Eastasia or Oceania? Maybe for convenience, you could just alter this comment so it always reflects whichever is the current correct answer?

  3. I noticed there are two different addresses for submissions: one is at the top of the random comments page, the other above the recent comments.

  4. I have more 1 to say up here.

    Footnotes will be added to the bottom of the document, with a link back to the original reference

    1. To say down here. 

  5. Header 1

    ## Header 2
    ### Header 3
    #### Header 4 ####
    ##### Header 5 #####
    ###### Header 6 ######
    Closing hash marks are optional on all levels

    Header 1

    Header 2

    Header 3

    Header 4

    Header 5
    Header 6

    Closing hash marks are optional on all levels

  6. Emphasize emphasize
    Strong Strong
    A plain sentence with emphasized phrase in the middle.

    Emphasize emphasize
    Strong Strong
    A plain sentence with emphasized phrase in the middle.

  7. plain pre format didn’t work there!

    try as code

    *Emphasize* _emphasize_
    **Strong** __Strong__
    A plain sentence *with emphasized phrase* in the middle.

    Emphasize emphasize
    Strong Strong
    A plain sentence with emphasized phrase in the middle.

  8. The lists and numbered lists and footnotes do not work — for probably the same reason as numbered comments not working — CSS is reducing the appearance of lists.

  9. The Big Box Store/Cat poll needs another entry: “Shrug.” Oy implies you get the joke but it is a pun or word play. LOL is much too strong a reaction to describe understanding the joke. Neither CIDU (I’m pretty sure I get it) nor Eww (I don’t see it as a litter box joke) capture my thoughts on it.

  10. TedD are you sure this is the place for that suggestion, and not in thread with the poll in question?
    But to your point: Yeah, there are many other things that would be a better fit for some people, but it starts to get awkward very quick.

  11. My wording for the missing option was “Mostly lame“, but I agree with Mitch4: the design and results of that poll should be discussed in that thread. On the other hand, whether or not we want to have CIDU polls at all is a valid “site comments” subject. Personally, I would say “at most very infrequently”. I would prefer to leave the selection of category designations in the hands of the Editors, rather than using a crowd-sourced majority decision. After all, category tags are extremely ephemeral, nobody remembers or looks at them ever again after three weeks.

  12. “. . . nobody remembers or looks at them ever again after three weeks.”

    Speak for yourself; I often (as you know) find apropos comics many weeks later, to add to the comment section and, sometimes, continue the thread. And, sometimes it doesn’t, but at least it’s up there.

  13. “The Big Box Store/Cat poll needs another entry: “Shrug.” ”

    HEY! I resemble that remark!

    Not a big fan of polls. I especially dread the ones I get from various businesses I visit, where I am implored to rate how “satisfied” I was with the “experience” in all its nuances from 1 to 5 or 1 to 10 or whatever. This sort of harmless comic opinion poll is not irritating like those, of course, but I’d still rather seem it used sparingly at most.

  14. Not only am I not a fan of polls, I’m not a fan of committees. We can already see how unwieldy this is becoming.

    I have a completely different suggestion: ONE of the editors ‘rules’ for a month about submissions. His/Her word is absolute, for that month. Then, rotate to one of the other editors. Lather, rinse, repeat as needed.

  15. @ Andréa – When I said “not look at it again” I was referring specifically to the category tag, and not to the comics. Nobody ever uses the “CIDU” or “LOL” tags to look for things, because they produce far too many matches.
    P.S. Rotating editors is a fine theory, but given the amount of work involved in keeping this website running, I’m perfectly happy to let them do it in whatever fashion they deem appropriate.

  16. P.S. @ Mitch4 – I’m not worried about stranded comments at all (see the previous page), but both for now and in the future, whenever this sort of thing happens, feel free to delete my (moot) response along with the (disappearing) antecedent.

  17. Andréa, you may be making some inaccurate presuppositions. In particular, when a post is marked as being done by someone (which is always, as the software requires), that doesn’t mean nobody else had input, particularly in the weekend “collections” posts where multiple hands literally added in comics.

    Or if you’re bothered by the intro texts that say “one thought this, another thought that” , that is mostly a rhetorical toolbar for getting into the substantive discussion. I’ll admit I’m a little tired of that gesture, and maybe we can cut back on it. But I hope it doesn’t look to you like the product of real dissension that could not be contained behind the scenes.

    In particular, exactly as the post with the polls said right at the top, trying out polls was something we just wanted to try, and the poll about the classification was much more about trying out a poll than about really worrying that much about how to mark the category! 🙂

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