1. I read it as a contradiction. “The good news is that I found something to cut the cake with. The bad news is you are about to die.” There is no indication death is waiting to take Larry, but that is how I see.

  2. I love the last bit of “Das Himmlische Leben” where he says:

    Die englischen Stimmen
    Ermuntern die Sinnen,
    Daß Alles für Freuden erwacht!

    .. but always wondered why he was celebrating English voices!

  3. @ Mitch4 – I didn’t know what Mahler might have to do with this comic, but when I looked it up, I discovered an even more puzzling line in the first verse: “Wir führen ein englisches Leben“, which would appear to mean “we lead an English life”. The answer to the riddle bears some similarity to the “angle” pun: the adjective “englisch” is simply a poetic contraction for “engelisch“, meaning “related to angels”.

  4. Yes, it has to be “angelic” . I thought the angel/English collision could follow up the angel/angle one.

    Here btw is Blazek today with another joke on the reaper’s scythe being treated like just another blade.

  5. This was a LOL for me.

    If it’s a CIDU well,…. Well, death is going to reap Larry by lending him his scythe to use as a cake knife. Larry’s wife is too oblivious to see what is going on. It appeals to Death’s sense of humor to interact in mundane life knowing full-well death is the inevitable end.

  6. Here btw is Blazek today with another joke on the reaper’s scythe being treated like just another blade.

    That seems like a really small scythe.

  7. @ Brian – “That seems like a really small scythe.
    Death has been around long enough to have learned that size doesn’t matter, all that counts is how it is used.

  8. “That seems like a really small scythe.”
    Since it’s a picnic, maybe Death is also temporarily filling in today for his friend, Death of Ants?

  9. This may never be seen by any CWDUers, but I’m puttin’ in here anyway, just so I can say I continued the DEATH theme . . .

    (I wonder, tho, will DEATH drink the wine? You KNOW how food and drink go right through him!)

  10. @ Andréa – I think you may be underestimating the drawing power of your name when it shows up in the “Recent Comments” list.

  11. Huh, I didn’t realize that’d show up; I thought only those who ‘follow’ and get alerts in their emails would see additions to ‘old’ posts.

  12. @ Andréa – Thus rendering my attempt (this morning) to submit it for a separate thread moot, or at least superfluous, except that I had an ulterior motive for this one: It’s been exactly one month since CIDU Bill passed away. The comic isn’t exactly germane, but I figured that it was less in remembrance of his death than a celebration of one of his favorite extended comic campaigns.

  13. @ Andréa – No worries: I’m perfectly happy to wait and see what our resident Editors decide to do. Since I’ve already delivered the one comment I wanted to make, it’s OK for it to remain here in this collective repository.

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