1. If I’d thought of it ahead of time, I’d have asked my son’s best friend, who shaved my son’s hair off some years back (long story), to just get rid of mine and be done with it.

    Of course, if I’d thought of it ahead of time, I could have gotten a @#$% haircut, and not gone into The Great Quarantine of 2020 already badly overdue for one.

  2. I’m not sure the character designs of Bug Martini are the optimal venue for this very visual joke.

  3. I have clippers. I do go to a barber, but I just get clippers and my sideburns trimmed. I can probably manage that, given how much time I have on my hands.

    If only I didn’t have the world’s cheapest Chinese clippers ….

  4. Not like your going out in public anyway….

    ….. just sayin’……

    By the way and off OT and *only* for purpose of abstract discussion (no moralizing). I have decided that unless you are actively losing income due to “sheltering in place” that you should cancel any cleaning service but pay them anyway.

    Does that apply to hair stylists as well? Does that apply to dog walkers?

  5. I have clippers. And a wife who can tell me if I missed a spot. My hair looks terrible, but not as terrible as it might.

  6. I didn’t quite make it to the barber either, and I’m on my way to looking like I did in college 50 years ago.

  7. My wife came home from a tag sale with an Oster Pet Groomer kit. “Mine” said I, and never looked back.

  8. I planned to get my hair cut yesterday. That caused county leadership to issue the “stay home” order over the weekend.

  9. Shortly before the craziness, I got a haircut and bought a megapack of toilet paper from Costco. Some other things haven’t worked out as well, but occasionally I get lucky.

  10. I’ve worn my hair in a ponytail for, oh, forty or so years now. Occasionally when it gets too long, my wife hacked off the last few inches. (Or I did, and do.) I have a vague memory of going to a barber some forty or fifty years ago, possibly for my younger sister’s wedding (she also insisted I shave off my facial hair, but it grew back and I’ve never since been tempted/pressured).

    Sorry if I’m freaking out Charlie Brown on behalf of his father, but I think of barber as one of those occupations like “personal astrologer” that only interacts with that strange subset of humanity known as “other people.”

  11. “Shrug, that is definitely a reference that would die anywhere but here.”

    I’m surprised you noticed that. It was such a natural reference I didn’t think it was in the least esoteric. But then again, I’m here.

  12. Shrug – I’m glad to see there is someone else who thinks there is no point in barbers. I had a ponytail from college through my first ten years of gainful employment, but then had to keep it well trimmed for the next twenty years working for an IBM clone. I got my last haircut a couple of months before my premature retirement, and haven’t looked back. That was fifteen (yikes!!!) years ago.

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