1. In the animated opening, Jiminy Cricket “shouts” the phrase used in this strip.

    I’d forgotten that in the animated opening (original Micky Mouse club) at the end, Donald Duck would hit a big gong, and something different would happen each day. (I’m sure there were only a few different versions.) I love that.
    (So I just went searching and…)

  2. The super on Mad About You played by Hank Azaria would use that phrase as his greeting, trying to pass it off as natural, but coming across as weird. (I guess it’s a tip straight out of Acting 101, how to play a bit part so it’s quirky and memorable.)

  3. @ Kevin A – In the introduction it says “ten different endings”, but when we watched it, my son started counting, and there turned out to be a dozen of them.

  4. So the Muppet Show opening was borrowing from the Mickey Mouse Club? A different sound came out of Gonzo’s horn every episode.

    This is either extremely geezery or not very. The original ran in the late 50s, so you pretty much have to be in your mid-60s or older to have seen it (first run; I think I may have seen a few reruns at some point). The question is whether any of the revivals have used the same phrasing as in Shoe.

  5. I just noticed the headline for this post — so combining a groaner with a geezer reference makes it goy? Is that how you see non-jews — over-the-hill bad punsters? Maybe you had a goy uncle who married into the family who was always making these groan worthy references to hopelessly antiquated things when you were growing up?
    (At a Filipino birthday gathering we were invited to, we were seated at the “goy” table that included exactly such a married-in uncle…)

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