1. Kilby, I’d still take the Russian Nesting Dolls over “gesundheit!”

    It’s a a “long season,” and most “gesundheit!” comics are probably written when the cartoonist has a winter cold.

  2. @ Bill – Perhaps, but colds (and sneezes) can occur at any time whatsoever. whereas I cannot think of anything that would trigger a “Russian Nesting Doll” comic (except perhaps another “Russian Nesting Doll” comic). Still, looking at the current score (12 to 5 or 6, depending) suggests a different approach: Go ahead and tally all the “Deaths”, for whatever time period you care to choose (even if the “Mercy Rule” would advise against going for a full year). At the end of the match, set all those “Deaths” against any arbitrary set of three categories that anyone cares to put together for that same period. I’m afraid that “Death vs. Anyone” will still be a lopsided win for “Death”.

  3. It’s beginning to look like Death could beat all the others put together, with one bony hand behind his back.

    That’s fitting, I suppose. Death always wins in the end.

  4. Yeah, Death is sure to win. No one says “nothing is certain but Russian nesting dolls and clown cars.” Just doesn’t have the same ring.

  5. @ MiB – I had never heard that riddle before, but when I naively used the Internet to hunt for the answer, it led me through an odious rabbit hole(*) of moralizing sermons about the value of “money”, hence the following spoiler: I think the “correct” solution is supposed to be “a used handkerchief”, although the effective result would be “snot”.
    P.S. (*) – If I knew how to do it, I would like to install a personal firewall, so that I will never ever see another page of the garbage posted on “answers,com”.

  6. Snot for me to say, but if you like Kilby have seen someone clear his nose by blocking one nostril and blowing hard, and you’ve noticed what hits the sidewalk, then you know what the poor man throws away. The rich man carefully wraps it up in fine linen and puts it in is pocket because you never know when you might find a use for it.

  7. @ W.W. – I was in fact semi-serious, and I may try it. That would block the deep part of the rabbit hole, but unfortunately it would not stop the links and the inane drivel from showing up in the search engine results.

  8. If you’re not using Windows, you can do the same by editing /etc/hosts. Although on Linux you may need to say three Hail Lennarts and secure an indulgence from systemd to get it to work.

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