1. And News for Impala fans…. Sadly, the Dashlane password maintenance program has retired its longtime impala logo and button, replaced by a stylized letter D made of offset line segments.

  2. Those look like corn dogs to me, which… I mean they are hot dogs on sticks, but I have not seen them called anything but “corn dogs” in my life.

  3. I didn’t like this comic any better than the last time we were discussing the subject, but to Leigh’s credit, he seems to have done at least a little homework before rendering the likeness:

  4. P.S. (to a comment that is still in moderation) – Blazek appears not to have done as much character research as Rubin.

  5. He feels guilty about eating hot dogs on a stick but not impaling people on a stick? That is some sick stuff.

  6. billytheskink: “hot dog on a stick” is the name of a fast food place that sells corn dogs.

  7. We saw this strip in comments a little while back. I thought about making the “corn dog” point then.

  8. I think he feels guilty about eating something that is intended for commoners, but he can’t resist anything that is impaled.

  9. @ Carl Fink – Wow. After two postings and a dozen comment from some of the best nitpickers that CIDU has to offer, you nail the glaring typo that we all missed.

  10. Maybe he feels guilty (or some spelling variation thereof) because he’s at a fair or an amusement park or something and thus is supposed to be on vacation, but he still can’t resist “taking his work with him.”

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