1. Can MPH talk without the mouth being stuck into the potato? If so, there is no point in asking this question.

  2. It’s debatable whether this counts as “traditionally”, but in the “Toy Story” interpretation of Mr. (& Mrs.) Potato Head, all of the “accessories” still work even when disconnected. Eyes are put into service as periscopes or work as a sort of “baby cam”, and his arms work as remote manipulators. In at least two scenes he made annoyed comments after getting knocked so hard that all his parts fell off. One (minor) exception occurs in “Toy Story of Terror”, when he pulls off both ears to successfully “silence” another character that was talking too much.

  3. Carl Fink: I take it you’re talking about when they do that neck snapping thing and actually break necks or cause strokes. Yeah, I won’t let them do that. But I have gotten good results in dealing with lower back pain. I don’t go in for the mumbo-jumbo stuff some chiros do, but reducing pain from “barely able to walk” levels to “Yep, I’m good” was terrific.

    CIDU Bill: I don’t know. I was not allowed to play with my food.

  4. Mark in Boston – Great Harlan Ellison quote! Kudos! And let me add, apropos of nothing, “A boy loves his dog.”

  5. @ Terrence Feenstra – Or as Mr. Peabody said at the end of the movie: “Every dog should have a boy.

  6. Some years back, I got a Mr. Peabody & Sherman DVD from the library. I hadn’t realized that when Mr. Peabody referred to Sherman as “his boy”, he meant it pretty literally. In the first episode, he legally adopts Sherman.

  7. Sherman:; “Daddy!” Peabody: “Sherman, you must never call me that! You may call me Mr. Peabody, or Peabody when speaking informally.” Sherman: “OK Mr. Peabody!”

  8. @ Brian – I wish we had libraries like yours out here. I’ve always thought of Mr. Peabody as part of “Rocky & Bullwinkle”, but those DVD sets are either out of print, or massively overpriced (at least as far as Region 2 is concerned).

  9. @ Kilby: Region-codes are a gross injustice. Go region-free. https://tinyurl.com/ur8hkhn

    I had to buy a new one recently as my preferred disc player (Xbox One S) insists on that region-locked foolishness and my previous region-free DVD player doesn’t have an HDMI port.

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