1. I got her a table saw for Valentine’s Day so she can fix the porch stairs she’s been complaining about.

  2. If one is not real familiar with the English language, PHEW might be read as P-HEW (PU) and with “Wizard of Id” they would be correct.

  3. Recalling an old Playboy cartoon, A man is reading the paper on a park bench; nearby a sexy secretary type daintily eats a sandwich. A smirking Cupid asks the man, “Interested in a nooner?”

    Benny Hill had a sketch where he played Cupid, sitting on a cloud and gleefully mismatching couples on a park set. He zaps a priest and a nun, but just as they turn to each other there’s a rumble of thunder and they turn away. In the end a girl pleads with a guy who coldly brushes her off. Cupid fires a big arrow that kills him, then picks up the girl himself.

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