Introducing #TeamPinocchio (DeathMatch! update)

Since a few people suggested it, I’m making the absolutely final tweak to DeathMatch: bringing in Pinocchio, who already has three points, to replace “Gesundheit!” comics (and of course now we’ll see several of those tomorrow, but this was the final change).

Walt and Boise Ed sent me this Half Full panel:

kicking the bucket

So Death now leads #TeamPinocchio (which includes Russian nesting dolls and clown cars) 8-5.


  1. Since there’s no current events that would lead to Pinocchio being a common comic topic (or clown cars, or Gesundheit), I tend to think that none of these (other than Death) are particularly common topics, and we’re just jumping on one or another random frequency fluctuations. So I predict Death will still win handily.

  2. @ Bill – I remember several people mentioning the inclusion of Pinocchio, but I cannot recall anyone advocating the removal of “Gesundheit!” (except for you). The only reason I can see for hanging on to the “Russian Dolls” is that they were the founding member of the team.
    P.S. Perhaps a litle bit of retroactive analysis would help: is there some sort of function in WordPress that would produce a histogram of the number of times that each tag has been applied over the past year? If so, you could figure out pretty quickly what topics were dominant in the past.
    P.P.S. Even if WordPress can’t produce it, perhaps larK would be able to scrape the data together.

  3. So what happens when Death kicks the bucket? CAN Death kick the bucket, other than in the literal sense?

  4. @ Bill – Do you have to ask for each one manually, or can you get a report of all the top ones? It would be interesting to see the most popular “subject” (as opposed to “category”) tags, but it would not be worth the effort to have to gather each count separately.

  5. @Mark in Boston: In the SANDMAN comic series, Death is one of the Endless, but two of her fellow Endless do die, or did so in the past (and were quickly replaced). So presumably that version of Death *could* also die, opening up the job for a new hire.

    And John Donne was not about dissing Death for its shortcomings, including its mortality:

    One short sleepe past, wee wake eternally,
    And death shall be no more; death, thou shalt die.

  6. In “Death: The High Cost of Living” (set in the Sandman universe), they explain that Death becomes human once every hundred years. At the end of the day, she dies, and is taken away by Death (who looks exactly like her).

  7. In Pratchett’s “Reaper Man”, Death is made human by The Auditors. Eventually a new Death is formed by the human collective consciousness and he comes for old the one when “Bill Door” has his lifetimer run out, having shared it with a little girl. Given a brief time as human again, he is able to take up a farm scythe and use it to destroy New Death, thereby resuming his position.

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