1. “I’ve always wanted to try” is the clue. He’s admitting that it’s crazy and beyond his skill set. And the next woirds out of his mouth better not be “Aw, what the hell!”

  2. Preceding dialog:
    Doctor: I’m sorry, things have not gone well, I’m afraid there’s nothing more we can do at this point.
    Woman: !! Is there nothing you can do?! Please!

    and then the present panel.

    The joke being there’s no point, the guy is beyond saving, but hey, now’s a chance for me to try this procedure I’ve always wanted to do, mwhuhe he he…

  3. I’m afraid that the creepy expression on his face seems to say something like “That patient is toast… I wonder whether I can catch his girlfriend on the rebound. Pity we don’t have a good mattress here in the waiting room.

  4. I had the same reaction as Kilby, but the other two commenters’ versions are probably what the cartoonist intended.

  5. “Well, there IS one more procedure I’ve always wanted to try — some mystics claim a corpse can be revived by an adept’s performance of Tantric sex with the widow. . .”

  6. I take it to mean that we’ll all had something we’ve wanted to try, but it’s so outlandish we don’t even want to mention it out loud. So we repress it, for fear of being called out as a crackpot.

    But every once in a while, an opportunity presents itself where we can try it. If it works, we’ll be hailed as geniuses, as a credit to humanity. But should it fail, we can always fall back on, “Well, it was a long shot, but we were all out of options.”

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