1. Possibility one: He’s lifting his fork.

    Possibility two: He’s lifted his fork too high, which shows lack of control, which shows why he lost his job.

  2. Given that his mouth is hanging open, waiting for the failed delivery, I think Arthur’s second theory is more likely.
    P.S. I wish Eldon had been eating a salad or dessert instead of whatever is on that fork. At first glance, I thought he was excavating brains out of his forehead.

  3. Yes, there seem to be some issues with the cause-and-effect ordering. I am pretty much joining with “Arthur’s second theory” , except for the detail that his distraction dates fro *since* he lost his job.

  4. When you’re “down in the dumps” (such as when you go through a break-up, or lose your job), you sometimes behave strangely, as if everything has the potential to distract you.

    As for Eldon here, simply lifting a fork distracts him by reminding him of his job, to the point where he has trouble aiming for his mouth.

  5. Many years ago I once saw a job listing in a paper (remember those?) that was asking for a “fore clift” diver.

  6. Grawlix, you mean you saw that ad in the Classifieds? Yes, I remember those!

    I have to wonder, though… If I get a job through the Classifieds, am I allowed to tell anyone?

  7. I think it’s just that his maneuvering a dinner fork in the same motions that forklift operator would (slide, lift, swivel, lower, slide in, lower, scrape, swivel, repeat). That’s all. It’s a cheap physical humor joke.

  8. I think often the classified ad problems were because people would call them in. There’s “chester drawers” and “rod iron furniture”, that sort of thing.

  9. The most amazing to me about this one is that the irritating metrosexual/yuppiescum regular characters even know any blue collar workers, let alone are friendly enough with one to be seen in public with him.

  10. (Woozy, was your comment in moderation? It just now showed up in my email.)
    That description of mechanical-like eating reminded me of something my mother and aunt used to describe as “square meal”. Somehow this was supposed to come from the military academies. The cadet eating this way would move much as Woozy describes, with only straight-line motions and right angle turns. I don’t remember if this was supposed to be punishment or everyday controlled formality.

  11. When I was a little kid I would sometimes eat as if I were a mechanical man. I would get strange obsessions from time to time.

  12. Mark in Boston – I had a friend in elementary school who used to pretend he was a school bus. He would walk around sliding his feet,, making bus engine noises, and would stop and stick his right arm out to “open the door”.

    While his family happened by chance to live on our street, his mom and (in this case) my mom (in other cases my dad) had grown up as friends. My mom had gone on a double date with this friend of hers and mom’s date was this fellow’s father and they ended up switching dates (no, my dad was not the not the other fellow on the date) – so glad I did not end up with him as my brother! (So many people moved from Brooklyn to Long Island at the same time that each of my parents had friends – or distant relatives – who lived in our subdivision and/or our community – including an aunt of my mom’s that we found out was living near us because I happened to be friends with a friend of her son.)

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