Sunday Funnies – LOL, February 2, 2020

feb02 2020 mark

moderately confused jeff stahler subitted by an anonymous jedi

Submitted by An Anonymous Jedi

speed dragon

the other coast French art Andrea

Submitted by Andréa

And one that got Arlo’ed for language.


  1. Speaking of Russian dolls (as we have been), and of Groundhog Day (as we newly are), let me renew a recommendation for “Russian Doll” on Netflix. The obligatory description is “there’s a story element reminding one of the Groundhog Day movie” followed by “But not really, and people make that comparison too readily.”

  2. Powers, I’m not sure I see a joke there either. But (as you probably know), Episode IV was actually the first one made. So maybe the dad or adult is saying he’s from the *much* older generation.

  3. What I find sad is that while the Star Wars Episode IV generation was enraptured by George Lucas’ clever pastiche of the serial adventure movies from his youth from 30+ years ago into an exciting new movie, kids today are more or less forced into the hype of these mindless tepid retreads of the one same 1 movie series from 30+ years ago. There’s nothing transformational about them, and the hype is manufactured and not grass-roots, like it was with the original. Kids are too dumb to know better, and hype is hype, but theirs will be seen to be a much more impoverished experience in the richness of time.

  4. In case anyone hasn’t heard or noticed, today’s all-digits date is a special palindrome because it works in America AND Europe: 02/02/2020, or 20200202 for the folks who are more pedantic or who like dates that are easy to order.

  5. With the mention of the date I need to post –

    If you date things other than just for your self with dates in the form (US) 02-02-20 (or February 2, 20) for Feb 2, 2020 – don’t for this year. Use the entire 02-02-2020. It has been pointed out that if one dates something just using 20 for the year than the date can be manipulated in future years from 02-02-20 to 02-02-2001 etc. This can be a problem in some cases as someone can claim that something is for that future date. One example being a stale check, not cashed before, could be cashed in the future. This applies for all dates this year.

  6. @ Kevin A – A report I read in a German news source called the date a “global” palindrome, because in addition to the U.S. and Europe, it also reverses in places that use YYYYMMDD dates, such as is common in Asan countries.

  7. Meryl: 2001, though canonically The Future since at least 1967, stopped being “the future” 19 years ago… 😉

    (I assume you meant something like “2021”…)

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