Random Comments, 2020 Edition

Same as the Late-2019 list (which is being closed because it’s gotten too long) and the previous versions, this will be accessible indirectly from the Your Random Comments link in the left sidebar. I wish WordPress made this simpler, but then I wish a lot of things.

Please remember that this is intended for public comics-related (or comics semi-related) comments only: if you want to send me a CIDU, or a comic for some specific folder (Ewww, Oy, etc), or you want to inform me of a typo, please e-mail me at cidu email.

Also: A list of the site’s most recent comments can be found in the left sidebar. A database of all the comments, compiled by larK, is here.

And the site’s FAQ is here.


  1. Nice avatar!
    Your idea to conserve some electrons and have them returned to stock, by deleting your exploratory posts, is admirable. But we might all pause and notice that the substitution is retroactive! Actually not so surprising, it just shows which way the inclusion works at WordPress.

  2. I must thank Kilby for his super suggestion how to work around the “minimum three letters” rule.

  3. By the way, I notice I haven’t been rescuing Moderated comments on the Crimeweek and Arlo pages as often as I should have. My apologies.

    Also BTW, if not hard to do, both those sites could benefit from a Recent comments list. Thanks!

  4. Mitch4, larK’s alternate Recent Comics Archive includes comments to the Arlo pages.

  5. Thanks, I’ll check it out. But there’s still a different functionality best served by the built-in Recent Comments — just browsing for “anything been happening here?”.

  6. I’m not sure what you mean. That’s what I used LarK’s page for. That’s why lobbied to get the URLs to be styled so that you can tell the difference between a followed and unfollowed link. When I do a search, the last one that I read will be the highest followed link. Any links above that have new content.

  7. It was when Bill today mentioned he had released several moderated comments on the alternate sites. I was about to say I couldn’t look them up thru the larK archive because I didn’t know the names of the threads to look for. But just now it seems you may just be looking under Everything?

  8. if not hard to do, both those sites could benefit from a Recent comments list

    Your wish is my command.

    (as long as it’s easy)

  9. Bill – Thanks! I see them in place already; and they have already been helpful!

    Brian – I guess I see how that works — if this is your primary interface for reading. I use it just for searching, and ordinarily rely first on email notification, followed with browsing on the site(s) it(them)self(ves) for comments on threads I haven’t myself commented in hence do not get email alerts.

  10. Just a reminder that my archive won’t capture a comment that was too long in moderation such that it fell off WordPress’ Recent Comments list — ie: if I have a comment in moderation, and before it comes out of moderation ten more people comment (without any of those going into moderation), by the time my comment comes out of moderation, it won’t show up on WordPress’ Recent Comments list (specifically the RSS one) because the newer comments will have pushed it off, and so my scraping the comments will not capture that comment — at all!
    So if there are an abnormal amount of comments in moderation that Bill comments on it, it is very possible, nay probable, that a lot of those will never be captured by my scraping system.

  11. Just in case anyone is confused by larK’s reference to “ten recent comments” (I know that I was, so I looked it up): The list of 15 recent comments in the menu on the left is controlled by the page template, and is not the same as the “RSS Comments Feed” that WordPress also supports (and which once upon a time was listed on the left below “RSS – Posts”). The WordPress RSS feed is (currently) limited to 10 comments, and even if there is a way to change it, it’s unlikely to be somewhere to which Bill has convenient access.

  12. I know I’ve asked before, but if anyone knows a way to maybe parameter-hack the rss feed so it will display more comments, I’d love to know about it.

  13. if this is your primary interface for reading.

    It’s my only interface. I don’t have email notifications turned on.

  14. Synchronicity, sort of: Following a bunch of vintage strips at Comics Kingdom. Postwar Phantom is helping a blonde who was thrown unconscious from an airplane over the jungle (with a parachute). Postwar Mandrake is aboard a pilotless airplane that contains an unconscious blonde. Both strips were created by Lee Falk

  15. Bux Sawyer is busy landing his experimental rocket plane, and meanwhile his wife Christy has flown hher small civilian plane into an arms test range and managed to land her damaged plane in a nearby canyon. So while Buz is otherwise occupied, his best friend and erstwhile c.o., Jeff, a widower, has been leading the search party, and has found Christy in a remote canyon, and is talking her out of her clothes. So that he can treat her injuries, of course.

  16. … And every time they say “canyon” I ask “you mean Steve Canyon? When did we last hear from him here, anyway?”

  17. I don’t remember seeing Buz Sawyer as a kid, but the Sunday paper had a gag strip starring Roscoe Sweeney, an orange grower who was billed as “Buz Sawyer’s Pal”. Once in a while, we’d get a flashback glimpse of Sawyer when Sweeney regaled local kids with a tall tale, but he never actually visited. For military action there was Steve Canyon and Terry and the Pirates.

    I miss the days before nearly everything became gag-a-day. Soaps and adventures were plentiful, many with nicely rendered ladies for the almost-adolescent reader. Eve in “The Heart of Juliet Jones” … pretty much any female in Steve Roper … Blondie … The Jackson Twins … Moon Maid … and every so often, an elaborately languid maiden in Prince Valiant.

  18. Would they really be watching much more television now? Did we really see them out of the house all that much PRE-Virus?

  19. From Wayno’s blog. A group video call of Blazek, Wayno, Whamond, and Parisi. (Though it seems Blazek placed the call or anyway took the screenshot, as his screen says “(You)”.

  20. [Off-Topic] Does anyone know what happened to the language selector menu in Wikipedia? <aggravated rant mode ON>The idiots seem to have removed it, in favor of a cookie-based selection option, which is not nearly as convenient for people who need (or want) to switch between several languages. Why couldn’t they have implemented a simple system in the URL, so that we can automatically access the search field in the desired language?</rant mode OFF>
    P.S. I remember that there is at least one Wiki-admin or moderator among us, but I do not remember who that was. Any information about this user-hostile novelty would be most welcome.

  21. Hmmm, off-topic from “Random? Okay…

    And ON your topic .. I looked in Settings / Preferences and somewhere there was this:

    Use a compact language list, with languages relevant to you.

    The “compact language list” was a link, going to

    Which in turn has this general passage before the details:

    As the editors of Wikimedia projects write more and more content in more and more languages, the lists of interlanguage links in the sidebar grow longer. Articles such as “Barack Obama” or “Sun” have more than 200 links, and that becomes a problem for users who need to switch among languages. It is not easy to find a specific language in those long lists. With compact language links the list that is shown initially is made shorter by showing a subset of languages the user is most likely interested in and the user may access the rest in a separate panel that allows searching for a language easily.

    The Compact language links feature is part of Universal Language Selector (ULS) – the extension that provides language selection and access to various language related settings. ULS has been in use on all Wikimedia wikis since 2013. Compact language links was available as a separate beta-feature since 2014 when it was created in an OPW project.

  22. That article merely confirms my opinion that the Wikipedia admins are ivory tower idiots. They have removed a very simple, intuitive menu selector, which was extremely easy to use, and replaced it with a politically correct, user hostile monstrosity that requires 28 paragraphs to explain. The entry page for “www.wikipedia.org” does not have a “preferences” option anywhere on it. If it is necessary to create a user ID and profile to use this feature, so much the worse. I did not have to “log in” to be able to use the old menu selector, and I refuse to do so now. Wikipedia used to be an informal, independent association of people interested in sharing knowledge. Requiring users to identify themselves just to use fundamental features is just as bad as Google’s permanent fixation on siphoning tracking information for profit.

  23. Sorry about that, Kilby. Yes, those “settings” I was looking at were after signing in.

  24. @ Mitch4 – I can scarcely believe that there was any causality between the two events, but less than two days after letting off all that steam in that rant, Wikipedia has restored the language selector menu.

  25. Has anyone else been having trouble reading “Rhymes with 0range” at “Comics Kingdom”? The website has been down (or at least only occasionally accessible) for at least a week or two.

  26. Thanks, Chak. The RwO URL has been so unreliable lately that I’m about to give up permanently on anything published by King Features. Not that this would be a significant loss.

  27. I think I figured out the concept of the Luann strip: Nobody actually has sex, but they’re all obsessed with EVERYBODY ELSE’S sex lives.

  28. I was looking up info on the older names for Sri Lanka, and quite by accident found some valuable facts about a semi-fancy modern derived abstract noun.

  29. How long do you all keep with a strip that changes? Do you give it a month or two to get on its feet? I’m thinking right now of Heart of the City and Rhymes with Orange. So far, both are very disappointing.

  30. @ Arthur – That’s fine, of course, but Mitch4 might have had the decency to identify the “semi-fancy modern derived abstract noun“, so that the rest of us don’t have to sit on the edge of our seats, waiting (in vain) for it to become obvious.

  31. Hope you didn’t mind the obscurity, felt to be necessary to set a little puzzle.

    Good comments and solutions!

    BTW, I only once ate at the restaurant called Serendipity in New York. The story there was that the furnishings, flatware, etc, might all be for sale if you found something you liked.

  32. @Chak, I don’t use a different rule for comics “that change” (assuming you mean “change creators”). When I stop enjoying a strip, I stop reading it.

    I think Heart is actually improving over the last couple of weeks. It isn’t as brilliant as Tatulli’s best strips, but then he wasn’t at top form out of the gate either.

  33. Chak, I didn’t even notice the change in Rhymes With Orange, any more than when Rina Piccolo took over a few years ago.

    Heart is a completely different strip now (even if it copies some elements from the old Heart of the City strip) and I gave it a couple of weeks the same as I would any new strip.

  34. Heart is a completely different strip now

    Arrrgh! Remember what happened the last time somebody said this!

  35. I’ve been reading Rhymes with Orange since Piccolo joined it,, and found it funny twice.

    I wanted to give Heart a good break-in period, but again, not funny. And neither one seems to have any redeeming social value.

  36. No one should read a strip they don’t enjoy. I still don’t agree that Heart has radically changed. I think if Tatulli had produced strips with the plotlines of recent months, there would be little complaint. To be sure, a number of people were unhappy when the time-jump occurred, but that was him and a significant time back. The main thing Steenz did was drop the C19 strips that Tatulli was doing and went back to Heart and gang in middle school. I thought that was a great idea. I think she has stayed very true to the characters, although of course the drawing is very different.

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