Random Comments, 2020 Edition

Same as the Late-2019 list (which is being closed because it’s gotten too long) and the previous versions, this will be accessible indirectly from the Your Random Comments link in the left sidebar. I wish WordPress made this simpler, but then I wish a lot of things.

Please remember that this is intended for public comics-related (or comics semi-related) comments only: if you want to send me a CIDU, or a comic for some specific folder (Ewww, Oy, etc), or you want to inform me of a typo, please e-mail me at cidu email.

Also: A list of the site’s most recent comments can be found in the left sidebar. A database of all the comments, compiled by larK, is here.

And the site’s FAQ is here.


  1. I too extend thanks to the great CIDU Bill. The best way to show appreciation, if you have the means, is a donation for his March of Dimes walk. That’s coming up this Spring.

  2. Didn’t we just discuss Arlo’s crush on Lois? Today, Jimmy Johnson is highlighting that sequence.


  3. To amplify B.A.’s observation, that is at the Arlo & Janis site — https://arloandjanis.com/imagine-that-2 for today (Thurs 13 Feb 2020) has a retro strip from 04 March 1996, and a link to that one on Go Comics with the note that a sequence starts there. A few days later, at https://www.gocomics.com/arloandjanis/1996/03/08 , it brings in Lois.

    As a further, unrelated, coincidence, yesterday’s entry at the Arlo & Janis site, https://arloandjanis.com/preliminary-document for Weds 12 Feb 2020, was titled “To be or not to be?” . Apparently a question.

  4. I don’t think she goes by her maiden name in the strip. She’s been married for 15-20 years, so if he knows her at all he should be accustomed to her name.

  5. @ Bill – Wow, you did a very nice job of updating the header of “Random Comments Mark Zero” (the “gateway” page linked to by the fossilized left-side menu). Beautiful!
    P.S. @ Olivier – Thanks. The Harvester works for me today, too, but it didn’t yesterday. However, retroactively debugging temporary Internet connection problems is a futile exercise.

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