1. I think Winter Wallaby has it in one. That still doesn’t make it make any kind of sense. (Except for horse sense.)

  2. swazoo — he’s small enough to fit inside comic panels, which aren’t that big to start with.

  3. I think Winter Wallaby has it in the first comment. As an alternative, no one’s sitting on the chairs so maybe they’re all outside? Still, what’s with the empty yellow boxes? Award the trophy to WW.

  4. For those who don’t happen to follow the comic, one of the running gags pokes fun of the convention of the comic panel format itself, breaking the fourth wall.

  5. @ Grawlix – It’s also worth mentioning that “DSotH” is only available online. Most of the strips adhere to the standard format, but Samson can (and does) occasionally go outside of the boundaries for a visual gag. If he accepted a newspaper contract, he’d probably have to stop doing that.

  6. It’s kind of like when the character goes to the room where the Procrastinator’s Club meeting, and there’s a sign on the door that says “Postponed Indefinitely.”

  7. “If he accepted a newspaper contract, he’d probably have to stop doing that.”

    Allegedly, a major reason Bill Watterson quit doing C & H. I had hoped with the advent of online comics, where ANYTHING GOES, he’d start C & H again, but no such luck.

  8. @ Andréa – Except that Watterson had already negotiated for (and received) a format-free Sunday panel in the middle of his run. He’s never written about having problems with the daily strip format. I think he just saw that he was nearing the end of his creative run, and decided to drop things before the strip became a tired formula, such as has happened with so many other formerly good comic strips.

  9. WW’s got it. Reminds me of one of the subtle joys of Get Fuzzy in its prime: the way elbows, paws, etc would sometimes stick just a *little* out of the frame.

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