1. Hey Bill, I’m in Kuwait now. I live and work here, and I check your site fairly regularly.

    It’s not me, is it? If so, I’ll have to start going to Samoa websites, I guess.

  2. Ed and Stan, about a month ago the site’s statistics counter went berserk and started giving me numbers close to 10x normal, one day claiming the site had had visitors from over 130 different countries. For most of the month, it claimed that thousands of visitors a day were logging on from Samoa.

    It was suggested that the site was somehow hacked, but there is nothing here worth stealing: no data is stored other than log-in information — we don’t even use passwords — and there’s been no increase in spam (which would be caught by the filter anyway).

    Yesterday, the Samoans were suddenly all gone, replaced by Kuwaitis.

  3. I wonder if perhaps Yandex or Google rotates which of their international data centers indexes your site. Other people who watch their stats say that sometimes a “Google storm” of indexing bots will represent 90% of the load on their servers.

  4. But cui bono, carlfink? And why would this site take a month to index?

    I ask these questions with absolute sincerity.

  5. It’s not that it would take a month to index. Google (at least) notices sites with frequent updates and indexes them more often. So maybe it sees all our insightful comments and says “Me gots ta hit that one every five minutes!”

  6. “it claimed that thousands of visitors a day were logging on”

    Oh, ok. I don’t think I’m logging in ‘thousands’ of times, but I do check your site a lot. Unlike most people, it seems, I find the internet very boring. Besides my e-mails, the news, The Onion, New Yorker comics and your page, everything else bores me to tears. As a result, I revisit the same sites frequently.

    When there’s a lull at work, I like to check back to your site to see if any more comments have been added. There are a lot of lulls at work, so I thought I may have been running up your numbers artificially. Put it this way, it’s likely only about a third are from me, and no, I’m not trying to hack you. I just really enjoy your site and appreciate the work you put into it.

    Thanks man.

  7. I wonder if it has anything to do with VPN hosting sites? I wouldn’t expect Kuwait to be a good site for a VPN host, no idea about Samoa.

  8. Andrea, I think you may have meant me.

    I don’t as it will just be more stuff to clean up. I have enough crap delivered to my inbox for work, I really don’t need any more.

  9. Does that mean that anyone who is NOT subscribed to receive updated comments via email alerts, has to scroll thru ALL the CIDU posts, or just miss out on new comments on old posted comics?

    For example, I just posted an additional comment on ‘The Old Gang’ comic from 8 January . . . only CIDUers who receive email update notifications OR someone going thru ALL the past posts and comments would see that?

    I’d rather throw out a few emails than continually scroll thru old posts and comments, on the off chance I might see a new one (but then, I don’t want to miss any comments. And I’m retired, if that makes a diff).

  10. As far as I know, Andréa, a recent comment is a recent comment no matter how old the post is.

    (I say “as far as I know” because what I see on my screen is a little different from what you see on your screen)

  11. “Does that mean that anyone who is NOT subscribed to receive updated comments via email alerts, has to scroll thru ALL the CIDU posts, or just miss out on new comments on old posted comics?”

    No, both Bill and larK have lists of and links to the most recent comments. And, in fact, The Old Gang is waiting for me in another tab.

  12. I am scheduled to come on the site on Monday nights (really very early Tuesday am, but we call everything before we go to sleep the day that we had woken up to – if that makes sense). I will come back the following night if I am not finished and sometimes get on a day earlier instead to read the comics and the comments.

    I have a notepad file with the dates of comics I have made on various comics which I read to go back and check for comments to my comments – when there are no longer any additional comments, I remove that date from that comic’s line in the notepad file – for example right now there is a line in the file – Arlo 12/28 1/5 1/7 1/9 1/13 1/17 1/19 1/20 This means that yesterday I made comments (or additional to prior comments and their responses) on the Arlo GoComics on those dates.

    I also have a listing on the same notepad file for cidu – currently it reads –
    cidu srt1/21seatbelts 1/18sat 1/17heartburn 1/14note 1/13nonesoblind 1/11berich 1/10stats 1/9-40,000 1/8oldgang 1/8b&m 1/7boyfriendbuzz 1/7returns 12/26postxmas 12/24xmas***2/11/19 bears winNING DOLLS at fair /

    srt means that I started reading yesterday Monday night with the comics Rubes & it was the 1/21 strip. As I go along I make a notation of the date & something about any strips I comment on. I will part stars to mark where I leave off in terms of new items read vs old items without having read or checked the comments after mine of the ones between. The oddity at the end is because there was a strip last year about winning bears at a fair – I believe by dolls from the comment, and I want to set up in my bear village summer setup to have bears winning very small bears at some game of skill/chance and every time I come to the reference it reminds me. Now, “1/15 Samoans ” will be added between 1/17 and 1/14.

    Yeah, I know – makes no sense (and would drive Robert crazy) but it works for me. on to (I guess technically back to) “ears”

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