1. Given that old antennas can generally be hooked into new televisions (even antenna with old 300-ohm connectors can be converted), that TV could quite literally have its predecessor’s antenna.

    That is, assuming, she is referring to the antenna as the TV’s “ears”. Seems reasonable.

  2. I’m guessing it’s a reference to the birth of one of the UK royal grandchildren (of HRH William or HRH Harry). Their father has very…distinctive ears. Odd that she is smiling though. It would be a terrible burden for the child.

  3. I don’t think that was a modern flat TV. Looks more like an old fashioned CRT model appearing slightly short of the depth dimension in how it was drawn.

  4. I think Singapore Bill has it. It’s the royal child and Prince Charles’ ears.

    It’s not funny though.

  5. @ Boise Ed – This task was something that could be delegated to the kids in the family, who mastered the skill very quickly, much like (some years later) the ability to program the VCR, or at least to set the %#&^&, clock, so that it would stop blinking that infernal “12:00am” throughout the night.

  6. What possible contextual clues could lead anyone to believe she’s talking about one of the grandchildren of HRH the Prince of Wales?

  7. @Powers – It was the first thing I thought of. I expect the contextual clue would be the date on the comic.

  8. @ Powers: As MikeD said, date of comic would be a major cue. Also, what other famous person with big ears has recently had a grandchild who would be of interest to this old deary with her cat and cup of tea?

  9. Mike Twohy is the author. Near as I can tell this is a New Yorker cartoon. One site says it was uploaded to the site on April 5, 2018. The royal baby was born April 23, 2018. Obviously he wouldn’t have needed to see an actual picture of the baby to make this joke.

    The timing is about right for it to be about the royal baby in general terms.

  10. The added foil can change (for the better) the capacitative profile of the antenna arms. And similarly, when a person is assigned to go adjust it, as Boise Ed mentions, if the child is holding the ear by the end and changing its profile, that person may be required to remain holding the ear for the duration of the program!

  11. I think that the cat’s grandchild has a part in a TV show. The cat owner is telling the cat that his grandchild has his ears.

    Had the comic been more recent (i.e., during the last couple of weeks) they could have been watching a clip form the new movie “Cats”.

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