1. I thought the cartoonist was going for “common soil-enrichment things” and thus would put an Ewwwww tag on this one.

  2. Wow, this seems quite grim to me. It went like this for me when I saw it:

    Clearly the kid is annoying (“Mooooooommmmm!!!!”), so mom has found a solution: death by compost. She’s hoping he’ll rot away like everything else in the bin, and now that she’s being questioned about it, she is considering how long that might take.

  3. When we were on Lizard Island (Great Barrier Reef), we composted everything EXCEPT meat. The lizards, about the size of German Shepherds, would dig thru the compost pile for meat, but not for anything else, the the Research Station wanted to avoid the mess they would make.

    THAT is the only reason why I know meat isn’t a good compost material.

  4. @ Andréa – In countries without giant lizards, you still don’t want to put any meat (or fat) into the compost pile, because it tends to attract rodents (rats), or (if they’re in the area) wild boar. We’ve seen both over the years, so we stick to vegetarian compost.

  5. Of course “death by compost” is impossible: You have to already be dead BEFORE you begin composting.

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