1. It may jut be observational humour… you often see some bloke and maybe a kid or two sitting in their car in the car park (often with the engine running, and the kids more likely looking at their phones than smoking) while the woman of the family has to traipse round the supermarket shelves alone.

    I am not sure why she has her clothing caught in the tailgate of the car, though. I am guessing the car is parked on a slope and she has lost control of the trolley. So maybe it is all a buildup of disasters that afflicts this woman if the menfolk don’t help out.

  2. The fella had those kids and has paid to raise them, so he sure isn’t going to do the helping himself.

    Frankly, I’d enjoy it if more folks stayed in the car. Mum, dad, and three kids all under 8 running around Costco I can do without. Fortunately, my current work allows me to fit in our trips during weekdays, so it’s much less congested. And the Costco membership fee keeps out the worst of the riff-raff.

    I’m only talking about Costco here because I only pop into the supermarkets that are within walking distance when I need to grab a few items and I usually go during off hours, so no weekend mornings in those places. Mrs. SingaporeBill sometimes goes to Chinatown (good prices on produce and meat) on the weekends, but usually without me. And that place is always chaos no matter what.

  3. Yeah… Booth humor is chaos as operative normal and the cartoonish characters who sit back and live in it. That’s all it is. We are supposed to find the characters… noteworthy.

    It’s kind of funny they are grown men with lega too long to fit in the car yet somehow are required to accompany their mother on the groceries yet want to sit back smoking a cigar while mother struggles.

  4. Weirdly, they look like a pair of runners advertising the 118 118 phone directory enquiries ads some years ago. And those runners looked like British international runner David Bedford.

  5. “So why did he draw the two front seat passengers as Groucho Marx?”

    He didn’t. He drew them as people who *look* like Groucho in numbered Jerseys. They have a life story that explains just why they had the circumstances in their lives so that they are now adult children with lanky legs who accompany their mother but don’t get out of the car and chose to look like groucho in numbered Jersey; and there are several lost opportunities and circumstances not taken where they could have been in another situation at this time but they did not occur for one reason or another. Unfortunately, we the observers do not know what they are and we just have accept it we are merely witnesses to the outcome and be amused that we know they must exist but can never know what they are.

  6. Wow, narmitaj has taken me from, ok, I get it, meh, to what the friggin’ WTF?! all in a matter of three comments…

  7. Even though I don’t quite fully understand this cartoon, it still made me laugh.

    I mean, she’s really having a bad day. A comically bad day. And, bless her heart, she’s still marching on with real motherly devotion to her family. As for the children? They would prefer to stay inside the car, thank-you-very-much.

    This cartoon may also be contrasting “help” (as in, “helping someone get their task done faster”) with “help” (as in, “someone’s in physical danger and needs help”). The caption alludes to the first meaning, but the picture suggests the second.

  8. Thank you, everyone. I looked at the picture only briefly online, thought the various foodstuffs on the bottom right were “flying”, having escaped from the woman’s bag, because they are SUPER FOODS.

  9. I shopped alone for groceries for 30 years. The last 10 Robert comes along.

    I used to shop alone as he does not want to buy this or that which we need or is on sale as “I don’t feel like that tonight.”
    I would food shop on Mondays with list and coupons/rebates. (My mom said the coupons were a waste so I would set the money aside and it came to several hundred dollars toward vacation annually.) I would shop again on Fridays to fill in anything needed for the weekend. His agency followed a school calendar (as much of its purpose was as a school – it was under state mental health and state ed) and I would make sure that we would not need to food shop while he was off from work.

    We food shop almost daily now for that night’s dinner. There are few coupons any longer of any use to us.

    I miss the old food shopping days – tonight we went to 2 Walmarts and a supermarket to buy a can of turkey gravy as he did not believe me when I said that other than the Walmart Neighborhood market, the ones near us no longer carry turkey gravy.

  10. I still have not quite gotten the hang of using coupons sent by email from retailers. No, I am not quite so backward as to want to print them out and present them on paper when I shop. But I am absolutely no good at finding anything on my phone and presenting it to a scanner – – even if I remember to shut down auto-rotate.
    What I guess is most workable is “add to card” – since I will present their loyalty card, the discount will be applied when my number is scanned in, if I have bought that item AND have done something with the E-coupon to make it applicable to my purchase.
    But why should this preliminary “add to card” step be needed? Don’t they know they have sent me that? Why aren’t these current discount promo items just automatically reduced for all cardholders who purchase them?

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