1. I assume that it has something to with my not enabling Javascript in my browser, even though the site otherwise works perfectly fine without it.

  2. I have scripting and cookies turned off. I only rarely go into moderation. Bill might have it with “User” as a name. But the big takeaway from all the talk of moderation is that it’s sometimes random and almost always unpredictable and impenetrable.

  3. @ Arthur – “…moderation is … random and almost always unpredictable…”
    Individual cases are unpredictable, but there is a list of trigger words that guarantee that a comment will definitely go into moderation. Some of the terms are publicly known, others are not, and some are (as you said) mysterious secrets.

  4. Bill — you sometimes forget the space in your username, and show up here as just another random inkblot avatar “CIDUBill” — I’ll bet that was the one that went into moderation…

  5. Well, let us test that theory – I shall omit the space in “User McUser” and we’ll see what happens.

  6. It went to moderation so I’m not sure if that proves anything or not… Let me try again with my real first name.

  7. @ CIDU Bill – I use the same ID on a desktop computer and three different mobile devices. There’s no reason that each device has to have a different login.

  8. Out a compulsive need for completion, here’s the last attempt using my first name again.

    If this doesn’t work then clearly I am cursed and/or WordPress simply hates me for reasons unknown.

  9. @ Steven / User – Did it work, or not? (I suspect that it dod, because if Bill had foshed that last comment out of moderation, he would probably have sad something about it.)

  10. Bill – and when one orders 2018 payroll tax forms (W2 and related) from IRS they are suppose to send 2018 not 2017 and then since one did not realize this when they came in – in November – they are not suppose to be closed for a government shut down (the replacement ones arrived on Feb 2, two days too late).

    I get the free meeting room at a town park for my embroidery club every year for maybe 10 years. Last year in November I called weekly for the form. I finally got someone I knew on the phone the day before Thanksgiving and she made sure to mail them. I received them on Monday and filled them in. I had to have it notarized so it went back in the mail on Wednesday. I got a call that Friday that someone else had the room as it took us so long to send the form to them! (Yes, I managed to use the “old ladies” will get lost if they have to go elsewhere” plea and got the room back.

    But these are a couple of the lighter and more amusing things over the past year (and 3 months) of things going wrong, needing to be redone over and over and over for a large variety of reasons. Our 3 vehicles playing tag team with our mechanic (for example – I took our car to work in NYC, Robert had our van to use, our RV – converted Chevy van – was at the mechanic for state inspection. The van would not start after lunch – Robert had AAA jump start it, drove to mechanic and picked up the RV. Next day we went to my mom’s house to make sure all was okay and check the mail. On the way the car started acting funny. Picked up the van and dropped off the car. 4 times during the year something like this happened. (The van I understand it is a 1996, but the RV/Chevy van is less than 10 years old and not heavily driven.) We had one time when we were set to take to mom to yet another doctor (she can only get into the car) and the RV was in for the mechanic to try to resolve an RV problem (they like to play with it and fix RV stuff for us). The car needed to go for tranny work – before we could take mom – and the van started leaking – so none of them were fully working! (Spent something like $12000 on the vehicles combined this past year.)

    It has been like a comedy movie – except it isn’t.

  11. “It has been like a comedy movie – except it isn’t.”

    I have a friend who says, ‘Someday, this will be a funny story.’ Our addendum: ‘Some stories take longer to be funny than others.’

    I think our story of the roofers – a crew hired by a reputable roofing company from Incompetents-R-Us – and their destruction of one bathroom, quite a bit of our landscaping, a $1700 fountain and much of the courtyard landscape will NEVER become a funny story. Ever.

  12. Andréa – OYYYY!

    And eventually while still living in fear (and avoiding as many possible sources of them as possible) find parts of the bed bug saga funny – like sleeping with socks on our hands to keep them from getting bitten.

    What has been going on now – is almost everything we do has to be redone or is just completely an odd problem. Some of the things if they were in a TV show or movie would be dismissed as impossible to have happen.

    Friday a week ago one of Robert’s front teeth fell out – we knew it was coming and the side front tooth on the other side that had come out was not replaced yet as we were waiting for this one, but of course it was one of the worst possible times – our dentist retired and we did not know where to go and we had a week later (this past Saturday) a colonial crafts day event where he would selling his woven work and he had to look normal (well as normal as person in 18th century could look). We discussed our 3 options for a dentist and went with an office we pass daily (and has been there a long time and had good ratings online) that takes walk ins & same day dentures. I called first – no answer. They have an office in Queens also and I called there – the office here was closed until Monday. Monday I called – terrible rain storm here – and the phone kept ringing and then started either not connecting or being busy. Called the Queens office and she had the local office call us. Doctor was away until – yes, Saturday – but maybe the tech can add the teeth for us – but he was only that day that week – so we ran over.

    Problem was that I finally finished filling in the paperwork for our seniors real estate tax exemption – they added new requirements this year if one is in business and the paperwork came to close to 190 pages. I finally finished it over the weekend (worse than any audit I have worked on). We did not trust the county assessor’s office after a problem last year to mail it to them and had planned on taking it there in person on that same Monday.

    Tech was able to do the teeth, while he did it we drove to the county assessor’s office and Robert dropped me off with the application papers – no parking so he stayed with the car and drove to some stores about 1/4 mile away to wait to hear from me. That actually went fairly quickly for it being lunch time and they did have a large enough clip (which I did not) to hold all the papers together. Called Robert to pick me up and we went back to the dentist and his teeth were ready. Last year we had to bring a second copy to the assessors office – but it was less than half the size of this year’s paperwork.

    Every day since the start of October 2018 we wake up and wonder what will go awry that day – and at least 3 or 4 times a week something does in all sorts of odd ways.

  13. I was going to recommend the book, Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things, by Jenny Lawson, but I think her stories are so similar to yours, they wouldn’t seem funny. At least she’s making some money off her stories (and depression, anxiety, etc.).

    Your Tooth Story makes me feel a bit better about mine – tooth broke off, taking the crown with it (I will NEVER floss again!), but all was repaired the next morning. My only complaint was that I’d spent 50 grand having my entire mouth redone (crowns, implants, veneers) to AVOID this kind of thing happening. Mother Nature beats us all.

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