1. I assume that it has something to with my not enabling Javascript in my browser, even though the site otherwise works perfectly fine without it.

  2. I have scripting and cookies turned off. I only rarely go into moderation. Bill might have it with “User” as a name. But the big takeaway from all the talk of moderation is that it’s sometimes random and almost always unpredictable and impenetrable.

  3. @ Arthur – “…moderation is … random and almost always unpredictable…”
    Individual cases are unpredictable, but there is a list of trigger words that guarantee that a comment will definitely go into moderation. Some of the terms are publicly known, others are not, and some are (as you said) mysterious secrets.

  4. Bill — you sometimes forget the space in your username, and show up here as just another random inkblot avatar “CIDUBill” — I’ll bet that was the one that went into moderation…

  5. Well, let us test that theory – I shall omit the space in “User McUser” and we’ll see what happens.

  6. It went to moderation so I’m not sure if that proves anything or not… Let me try again with my real first name.

  7. @ CIDU Bill – I use the same ID on a desktop computer and three different mobile devices. There’s no reason that each device has to have a different login.

  8. Out a compulsive need for completion, here’s the last attempt using my first name again.

    If this doesn’t work then clearly I am cursed and/or WordPress simply hates me for reasons unknown.

  9. @ Steven / User – Did it work, or not? (I suspect that it dod, because if Bill had foshed that last comment out of moderation, he would probably have sad something about it.)

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