1. I googled up “ear tattoos for dogs” to see if it was a Thing and it is*. Oddly, however, many if not most images that come up first on the glesearch – if done without the quote marks – are of the forearms of people who have had (sometimes named) dog ears tattooed there! Lower down there are whole dogheads and paws, and even tattoos on dogs’ noses.

    “ear tattoos for dogs” with quote marks comes up with precisely one rather spam-generator-looking result. This is not a googlewhack as officially for that you must eschew the quotation marks.

    *eg: “RSPCA Australia supports humane ear tattooing (while under anaesthesia) of animals to signify their desexed status and avoid accidental repetitive surgery. A standard tattoo symbol indicating desexed status should be applied to the left ear of all cats and dogs at the time of surgery.”
    https://kb.rspca.org.au/knowledge-base/rspca-policy-a07-companion-animal-management/ and see 7.2.5

    The dogs in the cartoon have their RIGHT ears tattooed. What does that mean?? Maybe the rules are different outside Australia.

  2. Tattoos for dogs are no longer are ears ’cause it was too easy to cut them off [sorry, but that’s reality]. ID tatts were usually done in stomach area. However, with the perfection [so-called] of microchipping, I think tattooing for ID purposes has become much less popular.

  3. For TRN of feral cats currently, the clinic does 1) small green tattoo on belly 2) snip ear tip 3) microchip. These are handy in different ways for contexts that may come up, e.g. visible ear clipping helps future trappers know this one should be released rather than pulled in for processing.

  4. It’s interesting that you’ve got a three-way “dog tattoo” synchronicity going, while all three are completely unrelated jokes.

  5. Mitch4, I’ve never heard of a belly tattoo for ferals. What would be the use, if ferals don’t let you get close enough? PAWS docks the left ear and chips them.

  6. I actually do mean PAWS! It’s not a number or for ID purposes, just a small line. The idea is much like the ear tip, but not for remote observation — it’s just in case the cat is brought in again some time (because not eartipped for some reason), and after fur shaved the surgical team will see the tattoo.

  7. @beckoningchasm That’s what I came in to say.
    The strip is so wrong in so many ways, it’s hard to believe Mike Peters authored and drew this (even though the concept made me smile (a little).

    (I just watched the movie this past weekend (Disney Plus free trial, whoo hoo! (nope, didn’t cancel; they got me)).

    On my Thanksgiving destination drive at a Mass. turnpike rest area (“plaza”), I saw a dog with Lady’s exact bright beautiful eyes; I’d thought her eyes were just a Disney exaggeration but they can really be like that.

  8. narmitaj, of course the dogs in the northern hemisphere have their right ears tattooed instead of their left ears. It’s because the sun is to the south at noon, not to the north, and also because of the direction of the water swirling in the toilet.

  9. Those tattoos have a built-in expiration date of their own: in about eight or nine months, the effect will be reversed, and the bunnies will appear to be fresh and delectable.

  10. Note that there’s no year given. However, if you’re assuming that they WERE shaved for the tatts, then yes, in a few months, they’ll be din-din for someone. But . . . do bears REALLY chase and catch rabbits? I should think that’d be pretty difficult, if not impossible.

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