1. The helicopter parents thing again, I think. Overprotective parents are keeping their children away from lots over various foods to prevent…I don’t know, whatever they’re trying to prevent. However, Ricky’s dad doesn’t buy into this and has a supply of milk. Word has hit the street, and he’s been solicited.

  2. “It’s just “can I borrow a cup of milk?””

    Isn’t the common ‘borrowing something from a neighbour’ a cup of sugar? Also, why would they be talking about an unexpected lack of milk at their home on the playground?

  3. Maybe the kid went to the playground looking for milk first. He’s been wandering around the suburb with that bowl. It’s now 1:35 in the afternoon.

  4. “Don’t overcomplicate it. It’s just “can I borrow a cup of milk?” in faux-gangster jargon.”

    I didn’t think it was faux-gangster so much as faux-business schmoozing and dealing. “So, who’s the hook up for dairy around here?”

    I think Stan has it and I don’t think he’s making it complicated. so many parents put kids on restricted diets, the kids have developed a word of mouth supply network.

  5. What I don’t get about the comic Kilby posted is the implication that “suckle sacks” aren’t currently a thing. I know that the artist of Bug has a kid, but the comics consistently seem to be written by someone who has no experience with childcare.

  6. @ Christine – I thought it was the other way around, in that Adam was acknowledging their existence and/or prevalence, while applying hyperbolic features for comic effect in the third and fourth panels.
    P.S. I seriously doubt that the behavior of his comic alter-ego is anything close to an accurate representation of his own parenting skills. Bug Martini is supposed to be funny, not instructive.

  7. His mom only lets him have soy milk or almond milk – not the real stuff. (And both of them taste like sugar water, with the almond one also having almond in the taste of it.)

    This year we did find a quart of milk for Thanksgiving so we only have 3- 2/3 cups of milk left over after making Thanksgiving dinner instead of the 7-2/3 cups that are leftover from a half gallon which is what we usually have left over.

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