Something I’ve been noticing the past few years. Maybe I’m wrong. Anything’s possible, after all. But I suspect there might be something to this.

Back in the day, Sunday strips seemed like the highlight of the week, and everybody brought their A-Game. Lately, it seems as if a lot of artists kind of phone in the Sunday gag.

Now, I’m not saying the overall quality of the strips have gone down, just that Sunday has been non-prioritized (along with Saturday, which has always been a dead zone).

And I’m thinking this might be because people are no longer reading Sunday comics in all their large, all-color glory: now almost all comics are in color seven days a week, and online comic readers might actually be less likely to read a Sunday comic than a weekday comic.

I wouldn’t submit this as hard evidence, of course, but I do know that Sunday traffic on CIDU is generally about half of Monday’s.

I don’t know… any thoughts?


  1. According to Wikipedia, that font of inerrant data, “Since the late 1960s, this broadcast programming schedule typically includes between 20 and 26 episodes. Before then, a regular television season could average at least 30 episodes, and some TV series may have had as many as 39 episodes in a season.”

  2. “I’m pretty sure that earlier, the first-run television season ran 39 weeks.”

    Some were 39 weeks, and some were 36, and some were 52. Except for the soap operas, however, everything was down to 24-26 by the time I was watching primetime TV. 24-26 allows them to run each episode twice per year. Since back then your choice was to watch it when it was broadcast or wait until it was broadcast again, this meant that you had to choose between programs that aired at the same time on different channels… you could watch one the first time around, and catch the other when it was in reruns. Then came the VCR, then came the DVR, and finally the on-demand from your provider, to resolve that problem. Of course, that also killed the demand for rerun season, and broadcasters now air different programs

  3. (four parts . . .”

    There are actually EIGHT parts to this ‘Grumpy Old Women – Christmas’ series. And why one has to be OLD to be grumpy about Christmas, I don’t know . . . First Hubby loathed Christmas from the time I first knew him at age 17, whereas I’d loved the season ever since I can remember, until around 1995.

    This thread has drifted so far, we need life jackets, I swear. ‘-)

  4. I’ve a theory about why some of us go ‘overboard’ . . . it’s the only time we can be as overindulgent, kitschy, cluttered as we want to be and then, when we’re tired of it, take it all down . . . then, for a few days, the house looks SO MUCH LARGER than it had the previous few months ’cause they are now so empty.

    That’s my theory and I’m stickin’ to it!

  5. Meryl: 21 trees and counting. Not putting any up in the past few years; blame it on the internet and the Florida weather.

    “One year a big Christmas decoration was wax in can that was sprayed on stencils held up the window and one would have the wax design on their window when the stencil was removed.”

    I remember this so well – and it flaking off when scraped with a razor blade ’cause that was the only way to get it off. I think mine was PRIOR to spray wax – I seem to remember daubing with a sponge . . . did yours look like this . . . ?

    (taken a year or two after we came to USA; landlord on left, me and my family hand-me-down/heirloom teddy bear [Dutch name: Bear], and my Mother, who did all the work and always indulged me).

  6. presumably, the snow in January and February comes from people who leave their lights and decorations up

  7. @Andréa,

    You really ought to warn people who might be eating cereal when you post something like that. But then again, “Practice safe surfing – use a screen protector.”

  8. I’m glad to know it brought a [spitting] chuckle to you, and I had to laff at James’ statement about January and February snow. Makes sense to me!

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