[OT] Is there any way I can divorce Idiot Bill’s wife?

It was bad enough when she joined Netflix using his/my e-mail address: but now that she’s quit, Netflix is sending her/me two, three, sometimes four e-mails a day begging her to return.

Apparently you can quit the Mob (or Heath Ledger) easier than you can quit Netflix.

The funny thing is, Netflix provided me with a link with which I can re-instate her membership using her credit card number. I am tempted.

(I’m not sure whether I can use this same backdoor to get her credit card number, but it wouldn’t surprise me)


  1. Actually, Netflix will spam you even if you DON’T cancel.
    Just today, I got a notification that a new season of a show is available. I presume I got this because I watched an episode of the show.
    But their algorithm isn’t smart enough to recognize that if I watched one episode of the show, and then didn’t watch any more episodes of the show, it’s probably not a big deal to me that there are more episodes of the show for me to not watch.

  2. Why expect IB’s wife to be a MacArthur grant winner? The good news is they married each other, thus making two other people happy.

  3. Huh, I thought I’d ‘invented’ that quote, years ago, ’cause we knew a couple like that. Altho I DID turn it around . . . ‘thus keeping two other people from unhappiness”. I guess it’s the ‘glass half full or half empty’ point of view.

  4. So you can go to Netflix, type your email to login, say “forgot password”, reset the password, login successfully, and then change the email to their email?

  5. @ Andréa “Huh, I thought I’d ‘invented’ that quote, years ago” – The way I first heard that sort of sentiment was in the opinion of the marriage of Thomas and Jane Carlyle offered by Samuel Butler (author of Erewhon): “It was very good of God to let Carlyle and Mrs Carlyle marry one another, and so make only two people miserable and not four”.

  6. Oops, sorry for the duplication… made a hash (or wrongly placed slash, in fact) of the closing tag first time.

  7. Interesting how some truths are 1) long-lasting; and 2) universal.

    Like, how Idiot Bill and IBIW managed to find each other, thus keeping two other people out of misery (AND giving CIDUers some laffs AND CIDUBill a spate of minor annoyance).

  8. How is it possible to be married to someone and _not_ know your spouse’s email address? Even if he gave it to her, she should now by now it doesn’t work!

  9. Why – she probably never emails him – I only email Robert to send him a copy of my calendar for the coming two months (because he can’t keep track of the lack of a myriad things don’t have to do). If not for same I would never know if I have the correct email for him or not.

  10. Hubby and I email each other all the time . . . but I couldn’t tell you his address ’cause it has a ‘nickname’ [ns], and that’s all I ever type. Same with many others whom I email regularly – I type their nicknames, not email addresses [boss, pat, ike, mb, mau, CIDU, clay, et al].

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