1. “Here’s a towel to wipe up the pee I’ma gonna do if you don’t take me out!”

    Geez, if the guy gets so angry about this, MAYBE HE SHOULDN’T HAVE A DOG!

  2. “If you are still here a minute from now, Mom is going to expect you to help with domestic chores by using this dish towel to dry all the stuff she has washed and piled up in the drainer. So you’re better off walking me right now.”

  3. Or : “See this wipe rag? If you don’t take me for a walk outside NOW, you will be using this to clean up the big puddle I will be leaving in the upper hall.”

  4. I go with walk-or-dry-dishes scenario. Mrs. Mutt doing the dishes is pretty elaborate background for this strip, and not necessary to the clean-something-else joke.

  5. The rag is for drying the dog that will have to be walked; hence why the umbrella is over the dog. (BTW, this dog is walking like a camel).

  6. I go with walk-or-dry-dishes scenario.

    I don’t think he would seem so miffed in the final panel then. Using the dog as an excuse to get out of chores should make him somewhat happy.

  7. You notice though that he is holding the brolly over the dog. So his choice was to dry the dishes or walk and then dry the dog. He went with the slightly least of three evils, I guess, and decided that getting wet and drying himself off was better than drying a dog or dishes off.

  8. Guys. That is a dishtowel. Mrs Mutt is doing the dishes. The implication is clear: walkies or you have to dry the dishes.

    Don’t know if the position of the umbrella is part of the joke or not, but it seems a red herring to me.

  9. I agree with Powers, it’s just a “dish duty” threat. Dogs have no interest in being dried, they like the way they smell.

  10. You can train him/her (I prefer female dogs) to ring a bell you hang at her height. OR you can have a doggie door and a potty pen – I’ve not walked dogs in years.

  11. The dog’s face in the last panel looks like he just wanted to enjoy a stroll, instead of “I hate the rain, too, but going to the bathroom isn’t an optional activity.”

  12. To be real, I was so fascinated by the dog and the angry look on the owner’s face, I never even saw the background activity ’til it was pointed out. So yeah, drying dishes vs. walking the dog. Pretty smart dog, if you ask me, even if it does walk like a camel.

  13. “if the guy gets so angry about this, MAYBE HE SHOULDN’T HAVE A DOG!”

    Maybe. Or maybe someone else could take a turn with the dog every now and then.

    We currently have foster pups in the house.
    BOTH of them will go outside, do whatever the heck it is they’re doing out there, and then come in and make a puddle (or worse) on the floor. Unless someone goes out with them, they will not piddle in the yard.

  14. @ Olivier – That strip first appeared on 23-Nov-1960 (before I was born), and shows a more “natural” Snoopy than the banana-nosed clown he later developed into. In my opinion, Snoopy lost almost all of his entertainment value somewhere in the mid to late 70’s. The “WWI flying ace” and “cookie” jokes got fairly tiresome after that.

  15. Mutt is generally portrayed as lazy. He doesn’t want to get off his behind and walk the dog. But when confronted with the possibility of helping with the dishes instead, he decides walking is the better of two undesirable options. I think he’s annoyed because he doesn’t get to stay parked in the easy chair doing nothing. And the rain just adds to his irritation. I used to read Mutt & Jeff when I was in grade school in the 1960s and thought it was funny when I was eight years old. I don’t follow it on GoComics now – it’s often incomprehensible and rarely funny. This one was at least mildly amusing.

  16. I have a different take on this. The dog brings the leash meaning “time for my evening walk”. The owner doesn’t want to walk the dog now. Later the dog brings the towel meaning “now you still have to walk me, and because it has started raining, you will have to dry me when we get back.” Of course we don’t understand that meaning until we see the last panel, which retroactively puts the joke in the 3rd panel.

  17. A lot of theories here, any of which could be correct. But I really think Andrea has it in the first comment. When this strip was probably made, men didn’t do housework. And I can’t imagine that Mutt finds getting rained on while walking the dog more desirable than drying dishes. As far as the towel being used for drying the dog, that theory pretty much gets dismissed by the fact that he’s shielding the dog from the rain.

  18. ” When this strip was probably made, men didn’t do housework.”

    No, but women (frequently waving a rolling pin) browbeated them into it while their drinking buddies admonished them with demands the go in there show ’em who wears the pants in the house.

    It’s definitely a walk me or dry the dishes joke. No doubt about it.

  19. My first inclination was “walk me or clean up my pee” but given the era the strip was written, potty humor in family newspapers was not a thing, so I think the “walk me or dry the dishes” opinion is correct.

  20. Except that there’s no indication that she wants help with the dishes. In the first panel, she appears to be carrying a pot of something, so she’s not even doing dishes yet. In the third panel, it looks like she has already washed them and has them stacked in a rack to air dry. If you’re going to act as a tag team, you have one person wash one dish and hand it to the other to dry. Then you repeat with the next dirty dish. You don’t wash them all, put them in a rack, and then have the dryer pick them all back up to towel dry.

  21. She is looking annoyed that the dish drainer is dull, the dishes need to dried now. Every time I’ve worked with other people to do dishes the dishes get put into the drainer and dried from there. Lets the towel last longer because the dishes are that little bit less wet.

  22. Panel one. Dog: Would you mind wearing this collar? Man: No, I am reading about voids! Not now!
    Panel two. Man (thinks) Say, this is interesting material, right here.
    Panel three. Dog: I bet you could make an umbrella out of this towel. Man (intrigued).
    Panel four. Man: This is a bad invention. I should not have brought it into being. Dog (thinks) I wonder if Dr. Seuss is at home.

  23. Given the choice between drying dishes and going out in the rain with the dog, who WOULDN’T choose drying the dishes?

    By the way, did women in comic strips ever do anything with rolling pins OTHER THAN intimidate their husbands? A kid reading old comics today must assume these were in fact early 20th century weapons.

  24. But then, you gotta clean up after the dog you SHOULD’VE walked when s/he asked to. Dogs don’t go out ‘for a stroll’; there is a REASON they ASK to go out.

    It’s like making a choice between drying dishes and peeing/pooping in your pants. AND then being punished for making the wrong choice, which wasn’t your fault in the first place.

  25. Andréa, I think the Pooch Café could have ended after the third panel. Having her literally demolish the house seems to be a bit of an over-reaction.

  26. This is the relationship – if you want to call it such – that she (the cat person with several of ’em) and the dog (forgot his name) have. Last week, the dog was trying to convince his owner to leave his wife for a ‘dog person’. Now, THAT’s heavy.

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