1. I don’t see this one as very funny, honestly. He could have used almost any caption. “…preparing for open mike night.” “…finally happy with his resume.” Those aren’t funny either. I just don’t think the picture lends itself to comedy. MHO.

  2. I presume the caption was triggered by his light-fabric upper sleeves, which seem to be showing off his big biceps (not sure if they actually are or it’s just the way they hang). Dunno, the whole biceps=guns thing has always struck me as so weird… And he’s not flexing (which is the usual posture for “gun show”). This one’s a bit of a stretch.

  3. According to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francesco_Carafa_di_Trajetto this chap was born in 1722 and died 1818, making him 96. Which is pretty good going in any era.

    I also don’t get the biceps=guns thing in general. And also I think if they are supposed to be biceps, they’re a bit oddly painted as there is a strange extra bump below the “bicep”. I think it is more the way the cloth hangs.

  4. Thus biceps do look impressive… but… huh? …

    Yes, people call biceps “guns” but no-one refers to a bicep display as a “gun show”. So far as I know the only common meaning of “gun show” is…. a gun show. Is there some association of gun shows with biceps? Well, I suppose a little; akin to muscle shirts and pickup trucks. But is it *enough* of a association that when one sees big biceps on thinks “gun show”? Well, I certainly wouldn’t have thought so.

  5. An earlier version of this blog discussed a Cyanide And Happiness strip that played upon the “gun show” theme.

  6. I’d NEVER heard of this expression; last night, I read it in a book, published in 2016. At least I knew what the author meant, thanks to CIDUers.

  7. Never heard of the expression either and sat here for time looking at the background for the guns – which were not showing. (Have been to firearm gun shows and hope to never go again.)

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