1. He took a nap under the pumpkin spice tree, a tree which today’s sellers only try to approximate the flavour of. One of the trees special properties is to induce a longing for autumn and to lull the sleeper into long naps beside it helping fertilize it with their corpses and other fauna nutrients. It is rumoured that Rip van Winkle was one of the last people to have witnessed a true pumpkin spice tree.

  2. There’s a form of humor where X happens and a bystander says “Either X or Y” and Y is a idiosyncratic analogy. (i.e. it follows the formula for humor.) This is so well-known that it evolved to the slow burn where the bystander says “Either X or Y” where neither are particularly funny but the intensity of X and the deliverance of the bystander are extreme an thus funny.

    Here we have a case we’ve got the keywords and an exagerated event and it’s to trigger a reaction in us. And it does to a small extent. At least I thought so. But if we think about it it’s just… stating something. Yeah, this *was* one or the other and presumably the first. The humor’s supposed to be that the quantity of the falling leaves was extreme so BC did a slow burn. But… he’s not observing anything. The season *was* short.

    Maybe we need a “It doesn’t stand examination” tag.

  3. The best one (and in a perfect world it would have been the last one) was when Groucho Marx took a man’s pulse and said “Either this man is dead or my watch has stopped.”

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